Effectively Communicating the Falseness of Christianity

Table of Contents for The Failurism of Christianity

Oath of Ahimsa

            Before I begin, I want to make it unequivocally clear that my support for political activism in the interests of defending Dharma is strictly in terms of non-violence. This is about challenging bad beliefs and ideas. Most Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, and related followers of Sanatana Dharma would agree and believe this Oath to be unnecessary and obvious. Some may even nitpick this oath on the nuances of Ahimsa’s meaning regarding cases of self-defense. Nevertheless, the core of Ahimsa is non-violence and if you’re going to be using this work that I’ve compiled, then I want you to make an oath of non-violence to yourself right now on my behalf. My interests in writing this as a self-identified Hindu Atheist are in criticizing what I find to be the harmful ideas of Christianity that Christians hold. I will never condone any violence or discrimination against Christian people. This is about criticizing Christianity, it is not about bigotry and violence towards Christians. Criticizing Jesus Christ’s claim to godhood is not support for banning Christian religious festivals or threatening violence against Christians. Christian missionaries are annoying and they have ridiculous beliefs, but my interests are in criticizing those annoying and ridiculous beliefs. They are never and will never be in hurting Christian people, missionaries or otherwise. You may only use this work if you agree with an oath of non-violence against Christians. Christians are simply fallible human beings filled with bigoted and generally narcissistic beliefs, but that doesn’t nor shall it ever justify any violence. If you cannot make this pledge for me to yourself and keep it, then there is nothing for you here and you should stop reading. If, however, you think this was unnecessary and you’ll obviously never support violence against Christians, then please continue reading.   

Forced conversions have gained increasing attention in India’s national media and likewise forced conversions has been an issue patently ignored by the majority of the Western news media or otherwise falsely re-contextualized as Hindus being bigoted towards Christians when the truth is the opposite in most encounters. What many Western journalists refuse to acknowledge is the chronic narcissism of Christian missionaries due to the teachings of Christianity professing that Christians are all chosen people and their unabashed hatred of non-Christian cultures and civilizations. I’ve been personally concerned by what manipulative tactics these Christian missionaries could be using, which was why I wrote a book to help Indians stop forced conversions in India. My belief was that highlighting the moral and logical flaws of Christianity at their source would help to stifle or overturn any trend of conversion tactics. I don’t know how effective my help has been, but it has been my intention to defend Dharmic faiths and culture while dismantling Christian missionary efforts. I hope any contributions I make can help in that effort, but I’m worried that my previous book didn’t do enough for that intended purpose. My intent is to destroy Christianity at its source by de-legitimizing it in the views of its followers. I’ve become increasingly concerned with the social media response whereby Hindus throughout social media seem to be falling prey to Christian conversion tactics by fearmongering Christian conversions, pursuing political agendas that try to ban conversions outright without the distinction that they should be trying to ban only forced conversions which is a nefarious and deliberately manipulative tactic of using financial influence to demand changing one’s faith, and I’ve seen blog posts by Hindus denouncing Christian conversions as having successfully harmed family units within India. Unfortunately for many Hindus who want to put a stop to conversion tactics, all this does is serve as confirmation to Christian missionaries that their tactics are working. Moreover, Christian missionaries perceive this response by Hindus to mean that Hinduism is losing to the so-called “truth” of Jesus Christ’s message and it only emboldens them further to continue to pursue and increase Christian missionary activities. They believe the fear of Hindus towards mass conversions is proof of Christianity, because their holy book teaches them that people who deny Christianity are afraid because any people denying Jesus Christ’s message somehow “know” that it is true and that’s why they’re denying it. The Monotheistic faiths are filled with these bizarre forms of narcissistic circular reasoning which their followers are taught to ignore the logical inconsistencies of. Nevertheless, if you’re a follower of the Dharmic faiths and you care about preserving Dharmic culture and civilization, then you should be trying to expose the falseness of Christianity. Don’t simply shy away and cry about fears of mass conversions, directly confront these Christian missionaries by spreading doubt in their minds and exposing their unyielding faith to horrifying doubts that shake their trust in Jesus Christ; in other words, put their faith in doubt.

It is my hope that I can help fellow followers of Dharma to put the shining unquestioned faith of Christian missionaries into complete despair, confusion, and to give them a constant exposure of questioning that causes crises upon crises of faith for Christian missionaries. Not just to defend Hinduism and all Dharmic faiths more generally, but to change the perception of Christian missionaries towards India as not an inferior country to Western ones that exists to harvest billions of souls for Jesus, but as a place that they go warily to test the faith of their most faithful flock because they’re exposed to so many hard questions that prove how brittle and false Christianity truly is. India should become similar to Japan in this regard whereby the country is not seen as ripe for harvest for hopeful missionaries, but as one of dread and painful disappointment that missionaries try to downplay the relevance of because the abysmal failure means their dreams of Christianity taking over the world has come to a grinding halt; their attempts at affirming their own faith through conversions has instead resulted in stirring more doubts within them. To that end, Dharmic followers cannot respond to criticism online with vague and pro-isolationist responses such as “You don’t know what’s happening in India because you don’t live here!” as that quite honestly just makes other people think that Dharmic followers are hiding bad deeds and it convinces neutral observers that people accusing Dharmic followers of nefarious behavior are speaking truthfully. It is much more effective for the Dharmic cause by highlighting facts that you do know that are happening or have happened in India and sharing them with people online who wrongfully accuse Hindus and other Dharmic followers of misdeeds. Sharing facts that are generally unknown to people who trust the Western news media would be far more effective in giving people pause and causing them to question what they think they know about India. For example, sharing news about the still active Christian terrorist organization called the National Liberation Front of Tripura, which was created by New Zealand Baptist Churches, and spread violent terrorism upon Hindus by Baptist Christian converts who turned to terrorism to spread the Christian faith and to carve a small Christian nation-state out of the body of India. This would go a long way in causing many people, especially Christians in the West who are unaware of these facts, to distrust Christian institutions, to potentially distrust their own donations to Christian organizations, and break any uniformity of opinion that non-Christians may have with Christians on issues that involve India. After all, this is a Christian terrorist organization that was initially funded by a Western country for the explicit purpose of killing Indians; the majority of people of any country do not want to harm innocent people or support any form of terrorism and emphasizing terrorist organizations with religious roots and religious objectives will cause doubt among followers of that faith, especially if they had no knowledge of these terrorist organizations prior to you sharing credible information about them. It has a domino effect and does far greater damage to the cause of Christian conversions than simply arguing foreign people don’t understand India. You create change by exposing the truth and sharing what you know. Don’t just be a reactionary spectator howling about how nobody has any right to an opinion on India except people who live in India, because that’ll never work and it is the tactic of brutal and repressive regimes like China. Use the knowledge you have on terrorist organizations like NLFT, scandals such as pedophile crimes by Catholic priests in India, and other such information that is usually referencing truthful personal accounts to make people doubt what they think they know; don’t just argue they don’t understand India, show proof of why they don’t understand India’s national issues. Don’t just try to dismiss and shut down conversations, but rather communicate effectively.

A problematic development that I’ve noticed is that many Hindus from India seem to have adapted and are using Abrahamic terminology when describing Hinduism. In particular, the phrases “idol worship” and “paganism” and similar terms are historically rooted in bigotry against non-Abrahamic faiths as a way of implying that they’re somehow defective because they’re not monotheistic. This sort of language must be overturned, because it is unfair and frankly nonsensical to claim that being a monotheist is somehow more rational than being any other type of theist. None of these supernatural beliefs have any evidence of being true, so it is completely wrong to label any of them as more false or somehow dumber than others. To be clear, being a monotheist isn’t more likely to be true than being a polytheist because in terms of statistical evidence and pure rational logic, you need to prove that an element or variable actually exists and has made a falsifiable occurrence in the world. Thus, Hindus are not defective for being polytheistic, monistic, pantheistic, henotheistic, atheistic, or whatever else when compared to any monotheist. If you have ever felt that as a Hindu and felt the need to re-contextualize Hindu theology into more monotheistic terms similar to the Abrahamic faiths, then please be rest assured that you are not lesser for believing in multiple deities, any other variation of deities, or even no deity. Being an “idol worshipper” or a “Pagan” doesn’t make you lesser than any monotheist and it doesn’t mean that your beliefs are dumber or more defective than any form of monotheism. I felt it was important to explicitly make this clear, because it honestly seems as if Hindus have internalized this idea that polytheistic viewpoints are somehow defective compared to monotheistic ones.

To change the implicit anti-Dharmic bias of the terminology, it is imperative to change the language that we use when discussing different religions with fellow Hindus, fellow Dharmic followers, and especially with Christian missionaries. I had previously encouraged fellow Dharmic followers to challenge anti-Speech laws in India in defense of Dharmic beliefs, but I realize too late that I was unfairly asking too much of people. There’s surely a better way of exposing Christianity’s falsehoods. What is important to communicate effectively is referring to Christianity’s falseness while maintaining respect for other religions in accordance with India’s laws and respect for the general community. For that purpose, consider referring to Christianity with statements such as “The mythology of Christianity“, “Biblical mythology“, “The myth of Jesus“, “The mythological story of Jesus Christ“, “The myth of the Exodus“, or “Christian mythology” when talking to Christian missionaries or fellow Dharmic followers. In this manner, we implicitly communicate that Christianity is false and that we don’t consider its claims to be truth without personally insulting Christians or Christian missionaries. If, for instance, they try to accuse you of insulting their faith, you can easily make the defense that calling it Christian mythology is just your personal belief because you honestly don’t believe in it. Try to come-up with techniques or phrases that effectively communicate Christianity as mythology to Christian missionaries because it directly communicates to them that Christianity is false without getting into legal troubles for speaking your mind. If they respond by calling Hinduism mythology, then that is fine because we’ve now equaled the playing field and they’re not using narcissistic terms like idol worship and paganism to ridicule Hindus as inferior to them. However, if they deride Hinduism as idol worship or paganism more furiously, then they’re openly displaying hostility and contempt for Hindus which others can plainly see and you can accuse them of being insecure in their Christian beliefs which is why they’re using such derogatory language towards other religions. You can accuse them of being filled with hate and that all they’re showing is that Christianity preaches hatred for others which is why they’re using such insults. If you wish to de-escalate potentially hostile encounters, explain that you’re just “being curious about Christianity” which is why you’re talking to them or otherwise use your best judgment in explaining how Christian missionaries ask potential converts “to be curious about Christianity” but you find that they’re being very rude and not answering your questions whenever they act hostile to you.

If you don’t think these communication tactics will work or wish for a more direct criticism of Christianity, then consider accusing Christian missionaries of believing in a self-denying polytheistic faith that doesn’t understand basic math. All monotheistic faiths are self-denying polytheistic faiths because they don’t just believe in One God as they claim, but believe in an innumerable amount of angels who behave as “Messengers” with no freewill. These angels in the Abrahamic faiths with their many bizarre classifications and rankings from Archangels, guardian angels, winged angels, and others are treated as equivalent to Hindu Devas and Devis by some Western religious scholars; some Western religious scholars, who seem intent on trying to passively label Hinduism as inferior, have taught the misconception that some Devas and Devis are “demigods” and therefore equivalent to the Abrahamic concept of angels. While I disagree with this, since Hindu theology teaches personal Gods are but different forms of the unity of Brahman and is open enough to include atheism as part of its Truthseeking, this nonsensical argument by Western religious scholars opens up criticism of the Abrahamic faiths being polytheistic since they’re comparing angels to what they perceive to be lesser Gods. Of course, Westerners make a special exception for Jesus Christ and don’t consider him a Demigod despite him fitting the definition due to having the Abrahamic God as a Father and the Virgin Mary as a mother. Even without this unintended suggestion by the ignorance of some Western religious scholars, the very behavior and purpose of the concept of angels does open-up an argument that all the Abrahamic faiths are just self-denying polytheistic faiths because the angels have no freewill and serve only the purpose of the Abrahamic God, Yahweh (or Jehovah in some translations of the name) in Abrahamic theology. Use the link provided and try to formulate your own arguments to criticize Christian missionaries on the basis that they follow a self-denying polytheism. The following contain more links that you can read at your own time and use to devise your own strategies and questions for the purpose of confronting Christian missionaries with the reality that their religion is heavily stolen from the very paganism that they hate. Christianity’s trinity is stolen from the very “pagan” mythologies like Celtic mythology’s Goddess Morrigan who is known for her triple Goddess form of Maiden, Mother, and Crone which Christianity copied to create Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Confront Christian missionaries about the self-contradiction in their own theology about using a historically rooted pagan belief in a triple deity while claiming to be monotheistic. The story of Jesus Christ’s descent to hell and rise to heaven is stolen from the story of Inanna the Sumerian Goddess known as Queen of Heaven in Sumerian mythology. Devise you own questions to confront Christian missionaries about the Jesus story being completely stolen from the Inanna and Dumuzi story which was written in cuneiform in 2100 BCE in what is now modern-day Iraq far before the Bible was ever written. Be direct, precise, and to the point in your conversations with them to make them begin doubting their faith in Biblical mythology. Be clear in communicating that you don’t believe in Christianity because it is mythology and formulate criticisms expressing why Christianity is false.

I had initially planned on writing a set of questions at the end of this as example questions, but I believe it is better suited for the “Resources To Help Your Arguments” section. I’ve also added a link to an old ebook of mine where I formed a list of questions to help Hindus before. For this section, I’ll end with the question that seems to cause the most difficulty for Christians to answer and it is probably the most useful question insofar as I could formulate. I asked a subreddit under the guise of another username, and you can see the reaction and inability to answer it for yourselves as evidence of its usefulness. For greater context, this specific event supposedly happened when Jesus was resurrected and is presumably proof of his resurrection. I searched for what Christian Ministers and Pastors say happened to these specifically listed people, and most of what I’ve found is that these people who presumably also resurrected were said to have gone home and died natural deaths with no explanation. Every time I ask Christians this question, it is completely avoided. I could say it in the nicest way possible and they don’t respond. Doesn’t matter what kind of Christian: Fundamentalist, Liberal denominations, etc. Nobody answers the questions I have about these verses. With that established, here it is:

If the Bible is truly the Word of God and Jesus Christ really did resurrect, then why is there no record of the people mentioned in Matthew 27:52-53 who apparently came back from the dead the same time Jesus Christ did?

Matthew 27:52-53 King James Version

 52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

Why didn’t these Saints, who according to the Bible walked out of their graves, write their own testimonials into the Bible itself to prove Jesus was God? Why is there no record or evidence of these people returning from the dead outside of the Bible? Why is there no history of what they did after resurrecting the same time as Jesus, if they really came back?

This was the website that answered the question with a feeble: “they went back home and died natural deaths again” and an apologist Christian Minister who claims it is true because priests were willing to die for it. Of course, dying for your religious faith doesn’t prove that it is true because truth is based on empirical evidence. Also, arguments that “dying for the faith means it is true” could promote and justify suicide bombers. Regardless, there is no evidence that these Abrahamic saints resurrected or even existed and this lie about a resurrection happened at the exact time and place that Jesus Christ himself is said to have resurrected. This is very damaging to Christianity’s claim of being revealed truth because the resurrection was supposed to be proof that Jesus was the Son of God according to modern Christianity, and yet there are claims of these saints resurrecting alongside him and these saints are presumably not the direct Son of God as Jesus Christ is claimed to be.

It must be made clear that the quickest and most effective way of disproving the Bible is to share knowledge on the facts pertaining to its authenticity. The claim by Christians and Christian missionaries that the Bible is the most historically accurate book is entirely false. Israeli Archaeology had to regretfully tell the world that after thirty-five years of digging on the ancient sites of supposed Biblical events that the vast majority of the contents of the Bible are complete mythology. Many of these archaeologists were Jews and Christians who felt deeply connected to the fantasy stories of the Bible itself and had to painfully come to terms with the understanding that there was no evidence to support what was deeply precious beliefs to them. They bravely told the whole world the honest truth of the matter due to their commitments to academic integrity and truth. We should applaud these brave researchers for their integrity and strength of character to tell the whole world that there is no evidence to support many of the Bible’s claims. The most important and shocking revelation was that there was no evidence to support the story of Exodus; the Israelites were never slaves to Egypt, there was never a plague that killed the firstborn in Egypt, Egypt has no record of Israelites as slaves, a group of two million Israelites never wandered the desert for forty years and there is not a shred of evidence to support that such an event ever happened, ancient Israelites were polytheists and only gradually became monotheist over the centuries usually due to famine, for a lengthy period of Israelite history the god Yahweh had a Goddess wife named Asherah, and there is no evidence to support that the person known as Prophet Moses ever existed. The claims by Christian extremists that Egypt must have destroyed all evidence is both fatuous and an argument that essentially states they believe that Exodus and the Bible are true because there is no evidence for it; the thinly veiled nonsense is easy to see-through. They believe it is true, because they have no evidence for it. They are not ready to face the reality about their sacred beliefs and will probably deny it with either lies or try to suggest some Christian apologist Youtuber who has no academic credibility compared to actual archaeologists who spent 35 years researching and excavating the sites of the ancient Israelites. All that said, I strongly recommend clicking this link and reading everything to form a greater understanding of this issue and to use this research of the archaeological findings to form your questions in order to effectively challenge Christian missionaries on the authenticity of their Christian beliefs and the Bible itself. I understand people can be pressed for time, but I’d strongly recommend making copies and sharing both these news articles with Hindus who think the Jewish Prophet Moses was a real person.

I hope this has been a valuable and insightful resource. Please let me know in the comments below whether this has helped or please provide constructive comments on how to improve. I don’t find this “You don’t understand Sanatana Dharma!” rebuke helpful in effectively addressing Dharmic grievances in either political interests for equality or human rights more generally. We need to start effectively communicating with both fellow Dharmic followers and non-Dharmic followers if we want political goals to be met.

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