Questioning Christianity: A method to effectively and peacefully stop Christian conversions

Table of Contents for The Failurism of Christianity

Oath of Ahimsa

            Before I begin, I want to make it unequivocally clear that my support for political activism in the interests of defending Dharma is strictly in terms of non-violence. This is about challenging bad beliefs and ideas. Most Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, and related followers of Sanatana Dharma would agree and believe this Oath to be unnecessary and obvious. Some may even nitpick this oath on the nuances of Ahimsa’s meaning regarding cases of self-defense. Nevertheless, the core of Ahimsa is non-violence and if you’re going to be using this work that I’ve compiled, then I want you to make an oath of non-violence to yourself right now on my behalf. My interests in writing this as a self-identified Hindu Atheist are in criticizing what I find to be the harmful ideas of Christianity that Christians hold. I will never condone any violence or discrimination against Christian people. This is about criticizing Christianity, it is not about bigotry and violence towards Christians. Criticizing Jesus Christ’s claim to godhood is not support for banning Christian religious festivals or threatening violence against Christians. Christian missionaries are annoying and they have ridiculous beliefs, but my interests are in criticizing those annoying and ridiculous beliefs. They are never and will never be in hurting Christian people, missionaries or otherwise. You may only use this work if you agree with an oath of non-violence against Christians. Christians are simply fallible human beings filled with bigoted and generally narcissistic beliefs, but that doesn’t nor shall it ever justify any violence. If you cannot make this pledge for me to yourself and keep it, then there is nothing for you here and you should stop reading. If, however, you think this was unnecessary and you’ll obviously never support violence against Christians, then please continue reading.   

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I’ve written this to help stop Christian conversions. The above are the ebook versions. Should you find any of this helpful, then I encourage you to save it, make copies, and even translate it. If you believe that it’ll be of any value in stopping forced conversions then please do so. Thank you for reading.

I have written this short, question-style book out of frustration with the current political events in India. I can understand being annoyed and angered by Christian missionaries who proselytize and forcibly convert Hindus to Jesus Christ. However, reacting with violence or covertly supporting parties that allow violence is completely unethical and I consider it to be anti-Hindu. Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma, should always be about peace and kindness. India has a rich history of rational and skeptical thought that has been ignored by the majority of Hindus for years and I think that, if you or anyone that you know truly wish to effectively stop forced conversions and unethical practices that lead to conversions, that you must respond with skeptical inquiry towards Christianity. If you are truly passionate about stopping the spread of Christianity then you must use skeptical inquiry. Christianity is dying out in the US and Europe, not because of violence but because of skeptical inquiry. The Atheist movements in Western civilization have reduced Christianity into looking childish and stupid. India has a rich argumentative tradition in skeptical inquiry and I believe that it’s the only effective way to challenge these conversion tactics. Violence will only make Hinduism look evil and it is an anti-Hindu action to do. So please, consider what I have to say. This book offers you a list of questions to confront or politely ask proselytizers with when you see them or to effectively stop them from their predatory tactics. You have to risk looking annoying to truly do this. This book is mostly a guide, conversations are obviously more fluid and voluminous but I hope that utilizing these arguments will help to stun and confuse the Christian missionary and bring doubt to those who are viewing them or forming a crowd around them.

Evangelical Christianity is currently propagating throughout India, China, several parts of Africa, and other places because it is dying out in the West. Christianity has lost its stronghold in the Western world and the majority of Westerners are “Christian” in name only. The only time they really practice faith, at least in the US, is when they circumcise their child and have funerals for their family. Buddhism is slowly overtaking the US and Islam is slowly overtaking Europe. Evangelical preachers are scared so they, and their many British and American corporate backers, have funded and backed Christian missionary efforts in India to convert the majority of the rural and uneducated population because they see them as easy pickings. I’ll be blunt, if you truly wish to stop Christian missionaries, then Hindus need to set-up social support systems and institutions of their own to effectively help people with food, money, and housing or you can expect Christianity to be the majority religion in the years to come. Hindus are down to 79% as of the last data percentages on the number of self-described Hindus in India. What makes it easy is the negative attitudes towards Dalits, which I’m sure missionaries take advantage of. If you truly wish to stop these conversion practices, then you’ll need to effectively challenge these groups where they proselytize; in market places, outside shops, and especially in rural areas. Although, in the case of rural areas – and their possible danger – I think simply providing food, money, or building requirements to make a house would be a better alternative. That may sound foolish, but it’s the chief reason that conversions to Christianity are happening. People need help and are being ignored. What choice do they have? What options does the majority of the Hindu population leave them with? Make no mistake, there are starving children to consider and poverty needs to diminish for India to truly get out of the current trap. People cannot just blame the current government and not do anything constructive about the social issues themselves.

Regardless, I hope these arguments are helpful and provide you with some aid in dealing with the growing concern of forced and coercive conversions of innocent Hindus. I shall provide some social context for the questions and links to certain unsavory aspects of Christianity so that you can formulate your own questions but they’re linked to websites that can only be read in American English. The objective of these questions is to discredit the Christian missionary. That can only be done through systematic inquiry and skepticism. Blasphemy laws, enacting stricter laws on their practices, and complaining to the government aren’t going to do much when very few people pay taxes to the civic institutions in India and when police and courts are bogged down due to the lack of Judges and infrastructure. That needs to be ameliorated for law enforcement to be more effective in stopping and criminalizing these incidents, but even then, it makes Christians look like martyrs which are what they want. Violence upon them is completely stupid and would only create sympathy for Christianity and enhances their arguments about Hinduism being devil worship – which is what they secretly think about Hinduism and what they want to expunge for the sake of their God. They see Hinduism as evil because of the tenants of their faith about worshipping so-called “False idols” that they perceive to be devil worship. Skeptical inquiry will do far more and is by far a more peaceful tactic than violence.

If you wish to use these lines of questioning, then I recommend writing them down, using small cards to record them, printing them and sharing them among friends or passionate Hindus, and memorizing them. Writing them down can also be of help for memorization. The point is to make the crowd or people that Christian missionaries are looking to convert into observing these weaknesses in conversation and doubting Christianity’s goodness. However, please be sure to maintain civility and politely inquire when you see these people proselytizing so that they’re interested in your questions. Always remember, questioning them on their faith hurts them worse than violence ever will. Violence makes their convictions stronger and makes them feel justified in whatever barbaric practices they commit. Questioning Christianity is far more effective, because nearly all Evangelical Christians privately recognize the inaccuracies of their religious faith to the world that they live in. On the outset, they show solidarity and try to gain more converts to make themselves believe in their faith more strongly. By making the missionary question their religious beliefs, you are doing more harm and shaking the very core of their personhood. They secretly know the inconsistencies and try to gain more converts to believe in the religion more strongly.

I don’t know how good this book will be for you, but I hope that it helps do some good in stopping the conversions to one of the most violent religions ever created by humankind. Please consider what I’ve written in this book, and perhaps form your own questions using this as groundwork. I hope this one small attempt has been helpful.

Understanding Evangelical Christianity:

I will briefly give my opinions about Christianity and in particular Evangelical Christianity and why they do what they do. Please read and consider this insight so that you may be able to more effectively respond to these Christian missionaries and stop them.

Christians believe that they need to convert everyone in the world to Christianity so that Christians can be flown away to heaven after Israel is attacked and destroyed by some evil demonic force made by Satan. They think that once Israel is destroyed then the end of the world will commence. They believe that all non-Christians are “doomed” to suffer on earth while Jesus saves his chosen to send them to heaven after fighting Satan and the Anti-Christ in a massive world war. They believe Jesus defeats the Anti-Christ in a final battle and Christians are then “raptured” to a new world with Jesus Christ to live eternally. This belief is the true motivator behind their conversions and it is where you must question the missionaries most on this issue. By forcing them to feel ashamed or significantly less confident, it will shake their beliefs.

Physical harm upon them only strengthens their belief, they enjoy feeling persecuted and harmed. It makes them feel as if they’ve succeeded in showing that they’re better than Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikhs. They view all non-Christian faiths, including Judaism, as devil worship and truly believe they’re doing God’s work. They are self-deluded, insane, and unwilling to compromise. They will stop at nothing to destroy India’s rich culture,  commit cultural genocide, and the genocides they did to the Native Americans, Africa, the Celtics, and what they’re currently doing to Thailand are irrefutable proof of this history and its current impacts. The Goa Inquisition is the truth of Christianity’s natural interaction with the rest of the world. They have successfully committed genocide and destroyed the cultures of Tasmanian aboriginals, several African cultures, the Native Americans (who they refer to as “Indian”), and they wish for endless war with Muslims and Islam because they view Islam as the worst form of devil worship. Unfortunately, I am not making this up, several US weapons industries manufacture weapons to use for bombing campaigns upon Muslims throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I shall provide a youtube link in the sources to show what 50 million of these people in the US honestly believe is their religious duty to make war with Islam. To that end, they try to make Hindus and Muslims in India hate each other so they can decry both as devil worship to convert both to Christianity. The proud Christian British during their rule used a political theory called the Realist theory of International Relations to worsen the divide between Hindus and Muslim Indians by either forced starvation, placing them in the most deplorable work camps that caused massive diseases to spread, refused to sell grain to Indians who were starving, allowed massive illiteracy and poverty, and justified it all not just through the Realist theory of international relations. The Christian British justify it to themselves through their belief in original sin and the fact Jesus forgives Christians of whatever crime they commit upon others. Be it lying, theft, murder, rape, or genocide, Jesus Christ forgives Christians of all crimes. That is the fundamental belief in Christianity. That is why the West can continue committing massive bombing campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan and simply ask Jesus to forgive them of their crimes. Many Christians, especially the Evangelicals, also see endless war with Islam as a duty. They can never say it outright, because it is a crazy belief, but Evangelical Christians strongly believe that Hinduism and especially Islam need to be wiped out through any means necessary. Some use charities and kindness, others use violence and forced conversions.

The Evangelical Christians despise anything different from them and view different beliefs as blasphemy. They hate anything that is different from Jesus Christ. They are unrepentant in their murder, rape, and genocides. They take joy in being persecuted, beaten, harassed, and murdered because they believe they’re going to heaven for it. The Christian extremist enjoys death more than anyone enjoys life. That is what a true Evangelical Christianity is – a death cult. Evangelical Christianity is a fundamental hatred for all human life; a desire for world genocide so that Jesus sends them to another world of “perfection” with Jesus. Evangelical Christianity is truly the worst blight upon the world that seeks to force everyone to submit to await a mass Holocaust of innocent Jewish people and then an even more massive genocide of the world. That is the true core of Christianity and especially Evangelical Christianity.

Please, don’t hate them. Be true to the peaceful nature of whatever religion that you believe and recognize what a sorry state that these people are in. Evangelical Christians may act happy and charming to you, but what they fundamentally desire is their own suicide. That is why they enjoy the thought of being killed by people of other religious faiths, they hate their lives so much that being killed by others is seen as a joy because it gives what little meaning that they view their own lives into their strange idea of maximizing their own importance for something they self-delude themselves into believing is greater than them. That is also why they do so many unsavory practices to convert people; they hate their lives so much that they wish others to experience the same pain as them. They believe that their concessions to Jesus Christ is somehow a strength above others and makes them morally superior because they think it shows their “humility” but in reality, other religious faiths scare them because they’re proof that Christianity could be wrong and they can’t understand other religions because of how close-minded they are. They need to see foreigners converting so they can feel strength in their Christianity because they suffer from so much doubt and yearn for their lives to end; which is why they believe in their world mass genocide with Jesus coming down to send them to a worldly heaven. They are a pitiable, depressed, and self-hating death cult that seeks conversions to comfort and affirm their own beliefs because they doubt Christianity so much in their private thoughts. They hate themselves and yearn for suicide by Christ through the idea of martyrdom.

Evangelical Christianity is not a freedom. It is the worst form of living. Not outwardly, but inwardly, it is the worst belief system imaginable. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ teaches his followers to look for hypocrisy everywhere and condemn anyone who seems to be a hypocrite to you. Evangelical Christians believe any lewd thoughts is proof of “original sin” and an insult to their God because Jesus Christ tells them that thinking of other women while having a spouse or a girlfriend is cheating on your wife or girlfriend. That is a fundamental belief in a “thought crime” – the crime of thinking outside of a certain way. It is also false. Modern psychology has found that people’s thoughts simply come and go, they are not an indication of your personal desires. Thus, Christianity is perpetual mental self-torture over having “wrong” or “evil” thoughts; in other words, they’re delusional and live with unrealistic expectations. In Christianity, you aren’t ever free from evil and instead of being free to believe in gods, you become a prisoner of a single God’s expectations and you must constantly view yourself as sinful, only capable of evil, and seek God’s forgiveness for committing any evil upon others so that you never feel guilty of the crimes that you commit. It is no wonder that so many criminals in the first world profess to Jesus Christ and are told they will be forgiven for their crimes. If mass murders and serial rapists can be forgiven through Jesus Christ, then how is he a good moral teacher and how is this religion not simply recognized as a criminal organization? All you have to do is seek Christ’s forgiveness for the crime of your existence to forgive yourself of any crime that you commit upon innocent people. I genuinely don’t know what else to say about the structure of this belief system except to say that it’s insanity given a systematized structure. I am not even trying to be insulting, I genuinely tried to keep an objective and impartial view of this religious belief but the more I learned, and the more stories of forced conversions that I read about, the more I grew concerned about just what these people are actually capable of doing to innocent Hindus, innocent Muslims, innocent Sikhs, innocent Jews, innocent Buddhists, innocent Zoroastrianists, and other innocents in India.

The only true way to fight against these predatory conversion practices and even forced conversion is to make them question their own beliefs. Violence will never work; rational thought and the argumentative tradition of India will be the only true weapon against these beliefs. That is why they are predatory and aim for the poor, because the West has questioned and shown how weak their beliefs are. If India wishes to become a first world country in the coming years, then it must realign with the path of ancient India’s rich history of skeptical inquiry and multicultural tolerance for questioning people’s beliefs and discussing them. The traditions practiced or tolerated by Buddha, Ashoka, Akbar, and the Charvaka philosophy. If any of these sound controversial, they shouldn’t. In their own way, each of these people or philosophies expanded democratic free thought and freedom of expression. We Indians should be proud of our rich cultural heritage and try to educate our population to bring forth a better world for ourselves and our fellow Indians. Evangelical Christians, in reality, are in deep depression and doubt about their faith, and bringing forth their doubts will weaken their resolve and make them seriously question their own methods. If you think this is silly, just look at all of their discussions in the West. It has decreased their numbers and made them look evil to the majority of the Western societies. Skeptical inquiry is the only peaceful, rational, and pro-active way to stop these forced conversions. I suggest making a group of people with at least one person having a recording device and questioning these Christian extremists on their beliefs. If they become violent with you, then you have the recording device and you can then upload to online video websites to show the true actions of these people. Don’t give up. If you wish to protect Indian culture from their cultural genocide, then you must either donate to the poor in India so they can live in a better standard of living and make skeptical inquiries to these Christian missionaries. Who will stop the Christian conversions in India by predatory Christian missionaries? The Indian people must work together to accomplish this peacefully and rationally by themselves. I have written this book to help you do that. I honestly don’t know what success you may have but I hope this book is of help to you. I wish you all the best of luck in protecting Indian culture, a rich culture that is being attacked by Christian missionaries’ predatory practices.

The questions here can be utilized via framing the argument. Psychologists have found that you can motivate people into conducting actions or affirming stricter beliefs by framing seemingly innocent questions to affirm their commitment to a particular belief and then raise less savory questions to make them feel committed to that specific belief. Also, humans live by a universal principle of reciprocity. If someone does a kind action for you, then you feel as if you owe them and if someone does a terrible crime to you, then you feel as if you must repay the action for the sake of fairness. Christians utilize this technique to make Hindus and Muslims war with each other to then make them believe their religions are evil and goad them into converting by impressing Hindus and Muslims with their money and extravagant wealth. They know that Hindus and Muslims group each other negatively by association bias, believing the entire group of Hindus or Muslims are collectively responsible for a scant few troublemakers and criminals. While gangs of Hindus and Muslims do commit crimes, it is important to recognize each of those groups are just violent gangs and not representative of the majority of Indians.

For anyone still asking why they should trouble themselves with this task or who believe their community’s religious beliefs will never change because you’ve lived like that since ancient times; know that Native Americans, true Tasmanians, and the Celtics all believed that too before their societies were wiped out, their gods defaced, and their culture destroyed by Christian missionaries.

You must be the hope that you wish to see.  If you still question why you should make this commitment, I can only say this: We pursue these things so that others can have what we did not. 

What you must have:

  • A recording device of some kind (camcorder, camera phone, or other recording device).
  • A friend or relative to record the conversation that you have with the Christian Missionary.
  • A printer to print out some of the sources I’ve provided in the last chapter.
  • Internet access to post these videos online on popular video websites such as Youtube or other video websites.
  • Resolve and willingness to protect Indian culture from these predatory missionaries.

Some questions are written in sequence and others are stand-alone. For sequential questions: Start with 1, then ask question 2, and then 3. Questions such as “4A” or “4B” means you choose which you prefer will be more effective. Noticing the stand-alone and sequential differences should be obvious. This is a guidepost for skeptical inquiry; ask questions that you believe will be effective in discrediting the Christian missionaries. If you feel you’re not making progress with your own questions, then you can always use these questions. Be sure to print out the “sources” and hand them out appropriately when asking specific questions. I hope this book provides value and an effective response to these predatory missionaries. I sincerely hope you are successful in your endeavors. I recommend teaching these questions and their contexts to people in rural areas or better yet, providing food and money for construction so that you prove that Hinduism is a genuinely positive force on earth and diminish the likelihood of predatory Christian missionaries taking advantage. Please seriously give my suggestions some consideration. Thank you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Original Sin

Chapter 2: Christian Heaven

Chapter 3: Christian Rape crimes, the Holocaust, and The United States wars

Chapter 4: Transgender People and God

Chapter 5: The end of the world

Chapter 6: Sources

Chapter 1: Original Sin

This line of questioning pertains to the Abrahamic concept of Original Sin. Christians believe that every human being on earth is born sinful and can only escape sin through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Remember to have someone record the conversation.

Politely introduce yourself and tell them that you have some questions.

1.) “Do you believe in Original Sin?”

If they say “Yes”:

2.) “Then, do you believe that people who don’t accept Jesus will murder, rape, and torture others?”

If they give an affirmative (or evasive) “Yes”:

3.) “So, do you believe the majority of us Indians are murderers, rapists, and torturers? Do you believe we are capable of all that because we don’t accept your God?”

If they say “No” to #1:

“Then you have no reason to believe in Jesus Christ. He wouldn’t have died for anyone’s sins because there is none.”

If they say “No” to #2 or #3:

“Then there is no reason to believe in Jesus Christ and you have no reason to try to convert us. We’re living proof that your faith is wrong. Is that why you proselytize here and not in your own country?”

After that, ask them #4. Begin by asking them politely. Such as: “One more question, please! I’m just curious to know more about your faith.”

If they act rudely, point it out to any crowd of people nearby who are watching but don’t holler it across the area. Just say enough so the crowd understands that the Christian converter sees themselves as superior to Indians because they just admit that.

If they accept your next question:

4A.) “So, if I understand this correctly, your belief in Jesus Christ is the only thing stopping you from rampantly assaulting, murdering, or raping us?”


4B.) “So, if I understand correctly, you believe that Jesus Christ is the only thing preventing you from assaulting, murdering, and raping your own family?”

After that, politely bid farewell and say that you find their morals to be repulsive, evil, and that they just admitted to being a psychopath who is willing to kill innocent Indian children or their own children and that Indians are living proof that Christian morality is evil. Be sure that you’ve copied this conversation on a camera or phone and to upload it online on popular video websites mentioning that it’s about Christian conversions in India. Gaining more views for these conversations will spread more awareness of this issue and make people pay more attention to the conversions happening in India, thus causing political leaders to be more engaged with this issue. Always remember to maintain politeness in your questions and not smug superiority. Explain in your video why you asked these questions and what concerns you about Christian conversions.

Chapter 2: Christian Heaven

Jesus Christ is seen as the only way to heaven by Christians. These lines of questions will be especially damning for Evangelicals because it will make them confront a rather horrible idea that they never knew before. US citizens and British citizens have grown up viewing the Holocaust as the worst genocide to ever happen. It was certainly a horrific event, but all genocides are equally as horrible as any other. These questions will force them to confront a sinister aspect of Christian theology that they probably never considered.

1.) “Do you believe Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven?”
2.) “So, you believe our ancestors, and the ancestors of Christian Indians, are all in hell?”
3.) “Do you believe that the Jews who died in the Holocaust are also in hell?”

If they say “No”, try to evade or backtrack, or try to ignore question #1:

“So people can go to heaven without believing in Jesus Christ as their lord and savior? Then nobody needs Christianity.”

If they say “No” or continue to try to evade questions #2 and #3:

“Well, it looks like your religion can’t handle a few basic questions. Maybe you should think more about your faith because it doesn’t seem true to me and I don’t think that you really believe in it. I see no reason to believe that those who died in the Holocaust are in hell or purgatory for the crime of not being Christian like you do. Such a belief seems insane and would mean more suffering for innocent Jewish people who suffered and died in one of the worst genocides in human history.”

Bid farewell politely. Make sure to videotape or have someone record this conversation on a phone to upload it online on youtube and other popular and public video websites to spread the awareness of the issue and to show the weakness of Christian theology. Add your own opinions on why you think Christian theology is a failure.

Chapter 3: Christian rape crimes, the Holocaust, and US wars

You’ll probably only be able to use one of these conversations numbered “1,2,3” respectively because they’re likely to stir resentment from the missionaries but be sure to video tape these events. Have a printed copy of Source 1, Maze of Injustice, to show them. Should the Christian missionary be an American, politely introduce yourself and ask them if they are. Then ask the following:

1.) “If Christianity is peaceful, then why are there massive rapes of Native Americans in Alaska and other parts of the United States – the greatest Christian country in the world?”

If they deny or evade the question by trying to throw a question back at you:

“I’m only asking because you refer to them wrongly as Indians. Christians rape them every day in the United States and it is never talked about. Is that what you intend to do to the Indians here? Children have suffered rapes in the United States, for simply being Native American and your people constantly refer to them as Indian. Why do you refer to them as Indian and how can Christianity call itself peaceful after destroying their culture and continuing mass rapes every day?”

If they get angry or try to walk away then show them your Maze of Injustice copy.

“Sir, I’m not trying to start an argument. I just have questions! I want to know why you Christians destroyed Native American culture, rape their children, and continue to do that today? Your denial shows your inability to accept criticism.”

If they ask for proof, show them the copy of Source 1, Maze of Injustice, that you have printed out and hand it to them.

“See! Christians are raping Indians to this day! Christian churches throughout the world have raped people in India too! Why do you continue to deny the problems of your religion? You proselytize that it’s peaceful but you run away when confronted with the truth of Christian crimes throughout the world? That doesn’t sound like a peaceful religion to me!”

Be sure to film this conversation and have an explanation for the Source material, Maze of Injustice. Explain that Christians continue to deny rape atrocities in the United States and try to make third world countries look like the only perpetrators and that you thought the Christian nations were better than third world countries but the evidence says otherwise – Christians just deny their rape crimes of people they refer to as “Indians” and you fear for your fellow Indians.

If the Christian missionaries are Jehovah’s witnesses, show them a print out of source 3. If they’re another denomination of Christianity then source 2.

For this next one, briefly introduce yourself and say that you were reading the news about terrorism and it made you think about Christianity.

2.) “How can you call Christianity peaceful when Christian countries always bomb Muslim countries and call themselves humanitarian for causing massive deaths?”

If they deny the accusation or ignore or evade the question:

2A.) “The greatest Christian country in the world, the United States, is bombing Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, the Philippines and who knows where else and your people call bomb droppings on innocent Muslim civilians humanitarian?”

Ask this one more loudly. You can even ask it after asking question 2A.

2B.) “Do you believe that all Muslims are going to hell because they deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God?”

If they say “Yes” to 2B then speak this loudly:

“Then how is your religion peaceful, if you condemn so many innocent Muslims to hell? How can you condemn innocent children to bomb droppings that kill innocents? Christian morals don’t seem to have any sense of empathy or responsibility! You just throw all your responsibility and compassion away by telling yourself that Christ will take care of it! That is completely delusional!”

If they deny 2B or evade the question:

“Well, if you believe they’re not going to hell then why are you trying to convert them and others? There would be no reason to believe in Jesus Christ and that’s the reason that you’re doing this. So maybe you should think more about what you’re doing?”

After that, tell them their morality is self-centered and arrogant; tell them they have no humility or compassion for non-Christians because they believe that everything is evil and presuppose evil intent upon everyone through their belief in sinfulness and thus allows them to do deceitful practices that go against the commandment about lying. Tell them that they forgive themselves of any crime they do upon others through Christ and therefore have no true moral values.

If you are confronted by non-Christians about this line of questioning, just point out that you’re honestly concerned with the forced conversions that Christians are trying to do on so many people and that these practices seem to be everywhere in India.

Christian Europe and certain parts of Christian America have a history of persecution of the Jews. By contrast, Hindus and Jews have lived in peace and harmony for 2400 years. Christians believe that they need to convert all the Jews to Jesus Christ because they believe biblical Jewish prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. They see Jews as misguided and want them to convert to Christianity to await the end of the world so Jesus can fight the Anti-Christ as the world is destroyed.

3.) “If Christianity is the most peaceful faith, then why did Christians persecute Jews throughout Europe’s history while Hindus never did for 2400 years?”

If they try to make-up a reason (it’s most likely going to be bogus or a non-answer):

“Doesn’t that prove that Eastern Faiths and Judaism are more peaceful than Christianity? We never persecuted or warred with our Jewish Indians and are proud of our mutual respect for 2400 years. Why should we convert to a faith that tries to force them to convert? That seems anti-Semitic.”

If they deny the persecutions being part of Christianity:

“Miss/Sir! The Nazis wore the belt buckle stating ‘God with Us’ and the Pope at the time made Hitler’s birthday a national holiday. The Holocaust was a Christian genocide of Jews. In fact, the Goa Inquisition of Catholic Christians burned down Jewish synagogues in India because they believed Jews were evil because that’s what their faith in Jesus led them to believe. That proves that believing in Jesus Christ doesn’t make people more peaceful. If you’re trying to convert Jews and believe they have the wrong faith, then you’re just the same as the Nazis! You have no respect for Jews, unlike Indians/Hindus!”

If they get angry or try to evade:

“Sir, your faith is anti-Semitic because you believe Israel needs to be destroyed so that Jesus can fight the Anti-Christ after some mass world genocide of Jews. Your bible says Jews will be sent to hell to be judged by Satan in Revelations. So you want a bigger Holocaust than Hitler so that you can go to heaven! That’s evil and selfish!”

If they get angry, leave, or deny your accusations:

“Miss/Sir! You’re proving how little faith you have by running away! It seems you cannot confront the evil of Jewish persecution in your religious faith and so try to preach to others through dishonest means! Your religion isn’t peaceful; please stop wishing for the genocide of innocent Jews with your crazy belief in the end of times! It makes your morality no different than the Nazis! You must realize that the idea of Jews in Israel being slaughtered would be a worse Holocaust!”

If they attack you, be sure that you have someone recording and have it posted online for other Indians throughout the country to see how Christians react to skeptical inquiry. Remember, if you truly care about Hinduism or any other religious faith in India, then you should be willing to take assaults peacefully. I know that doesn’t sound ideal, but Gandhi and millions of other Indians, including your own family I am sure, peacefully took British beatings as a protest against colonialist occupation. If you truly want Hinduism to continue, you need to make peaceful concessions and not react in violence. I know it’s hard, but please seriously consider this, these actions are the true teachings of Hinduism.

Again, be sure that you have all this filmed. Explain that your motivations for questioning the Christian missionaries were to spread freethinking and that you honestly believe Christians should confront the problems in their Bible and their strange desire for Jewish genocide which is not in the Eastern faiths and which you find morally appalling. Say that Hinduism and Judaism are the most peaceful faiths because they never warred or persecuted each other in 2400 years and that Christian history has proven the spreading of Christianity leads to persecution of Jews – just as the Portugal colonists did to Jewish Indians. Which is, in fact, the honest truth of the historical record and as such you’re highlighting Hinduism’s peaceful nature because Hindus and Jews never warred with each other or committed acts of religiously motivated violence upon each other. Neither Judaism nor Hinduism proselytizes.

Chapter 4: Transgender people, Blasphemy, and God

There have been mass killings of Transgender people in the United States. Comparatively, India has none. Question the Christian missionaries about this by asking their views on transgender people. Bring any news article of Source 6 and the article about India’s superior treatment,  printed out to show them what you’re referring to.

1.) “Do you believe that transgender people are sinful?”

If they say “Yes” then show them the news article about US violence upon Transgender people.

“Then how can your religion be peaceful? We don’t commit violence upon Transgenders and there have been mass killings of Transgenders by Christians in the United States. How can you allow such violence and call your religion peaceful? You seem very hateful of everyone different from you. I’m glad that Indians aren’t as hateful to the transgender people of our society.”

If they say “No” then show them the two news articles.

“But there are mass killings of transgender people in the United States! Here’s an article I found in my research! We Indians don’t want to commit killings and it’s proven that Christians are more likely to kill innocent transgenders. How is your faith more moral when it allows such disgusting murder sprees in a first world country? I think you are denying the clear moral failures of your religion! Why do you hate transgender people? How can you allow such hatred for others? How can Christians go on murdering whoever they want?! What is wrong with you?! Please leave, you seem to be a committed force of evil and deny your religion’s moral failures which lead to deaths of innocents in the United States and I don’t want Indians here to suffer your violent ways.”

2.) “Is it okay if I call your God by his name, Yahweh?” (pronounced “YAH – WAY”)[1]

If they say “No”/Get offended/Say you should only refer to Jesus Christ/or try to leave.

“Miss/Sir! I am only asking because you say that your religion is more moral but how can that be when you can’t say your God’s name? Blasphemy is fundamentally against democratic belief! It is no different from a thought crime! How can you believe in thought crimes and blasphemy which are against democratic principles and have only led to mass death in Christianity’s history?”

If they continue to argue with you:

“The Goa Inquisition that came from Portugal during the 1800s sliced off the body parts of peaceful Hindus in front of their families to force them to convert. They brought mass death through the belief in blasphemy and I feel that we Hindus have a right to question you to make sure that you won’t hurt us like you did back then. The Goa Inquisition, the British systematic genocide, and Christian Corporations that don’t provide safety regulations and allow factories to explode and kill Hindus are proof that believing in Jesus Christ doesn’t lead to better moral character or moral behavior. So I feel I have a right to ask you to make sure that we’re safe from any violence. Your reaction just proves you’re close-minded.”

If they argue those examples aren’t “True Christianity”:

“But all they have to do is ask Jesus for forgiveness and they can forgive themselves of any crime. How is that moral or just? In fact, it shows that being more attuned to Jesus Christ is completely meaningless. It leads to destruction and mass death, and not good moral character. Have you seen some of the forced conversions that Christian missionaries are doing? That proves that Christianity lacks good moral character!”

If they say “Yes”, which would be bizarre and against their faith.

“Okay Miss/Sir, I will tell everyone that we should refer to the Christian God as Yahweh and Jesus Christ because both are equally valid names for your religion’s Holy Trinity.”

3.)For this next one, print out source 4, an image of Jesus Christ with signs of the Christian devil on him. Be sure to have someone with a camera to videotape the exchange. Politely introduce yourself to the Christian missionary and hand him the image.

“Do you have a problem with this image?”

If they say “Yes”

“How can Christianity be about freedom and peace when you have problems with a bunch of silly pictures? That goes against democratic freedom of expression. Why is Christianity against freedom of expression?”

If they say the image is offensive/that Christianity is not against freedom of expression/or get angry.

“Miss/Sir! Your angry reaction over a silly picture is proof that Christianity is against freedom of expression! Which is exactly my point; you shouldn’t feel offended over silly pictures but clearly you don’t believe in democracy, freedom of expression, and freedom of thought!”

Regarding blasphemy defense when on camera for news stations, your own videos, and filming after confrontations use the following lines or something similar to these statements:

“In a democratic country, we have a right to free speech and a right to question ideas such as blasphemy and thought crimes in religion. Christians who arrive here have threatened, assaulted, and attempted to bribe Hindus into conversions and target children in particular. These Christian fundamentalists from the US and Britain insult us by calling us devil worshippers and profess to wanting the destruction of Israel for the sake of Jesus Christ as is described within Revelations in their so-called peaceful holy book. They defend their insults through freedom of speech. We don’t want anti-Semitism in our country and we are concerned for the safety of our Jewish, Transgender, and Muslim populations by these people covertly entering the country to target and harass us while they say Jewish people are evil for denying Jesus. They’re doing this everywhere when there are no cameras. We know these extremist Christians aren’t the majority of the West but there are enough of them to cause social and political instability with their violence. If they wish to insult our gods, then we should have the right to question the ethics of their religion because it is clear to us that they will continue their violence and coercion upon our people and especially our children. They deny their anti-Semitism on camera and are very careful when people are recording them in public but they have said some horribly anti-Semitic remarks about the Jews of Israel and India. They honestly believe Jews will be sent to hell to be judged by Satan because it is in the Christian Bible for the Coming of Jesus.”

“We apologize for any offense this image is causing, but what else can we do but question Christianity when they continue to harass, assault, and threaten us and our children with beatings, rape threats, and constantly insult us by saying to our children that they’re devil worshippers? If they wish to use violence, then we will question the legitimacy of their religious faith. It doesn’t seem like Christians want to live in peace with anyone and the genocide of Native Americans in the US and the Holocaust of Europe is a clear indication what happens to passive innocents in Christianity’s blood-soaked history.”

“We are trying to be peaceful! We are trying to have rational discourse! But I’m sorry to say that none of these Christians want rational discourse and get violent when we try to talk to them peacefully. I know some instances of Hindus being violent exist, but these people are threatening our children by telling them they’re going to hell for not believing in Jesus or trying to trick them into converting. They say they want to kill or convert all the Jews in India. They say they have US corporations giving them billions to wipe out all the Muslims, homosexuals, transgender people and Jews. They say that our way of life is backwards, evil, and then threaten us with violence when we try to talk it out when it’s away from cameras. These people don’t want peace and have shown no signs of legitimate peaceful talks. We’re afraid for our minority population. They say they’re going to finish what the British started and cleanse us of devil worship so that we can await a mass genocide of Jews in the holy land so the Coming of Jesus can happen.”

“They say that they’re funded by Evangelical billionaires and that they intend to destroy Hinduism and Islam from existence just like they did the Native Americans and Tasmanian Aboriginals. We are concerned by the horrible comments they make about transgender Indians and homosexual Indians. They say that homosexuals and transgender people are damned to hell and that they will receive God’s punishment when the Jews in Israel are slaughtered by the Muslims in Islamic countries so that Jesus can come down for the rapture.”

4.) “Do you truly believe that everyone who comes to Jesus Christ will be forgiven for their sins and go to heaven?”

If they say “Yes” then ask this question.

“Do you believe that even a serial killer or serial pedophile will go to heaven, if they seek Jesus’s forgiveness?”

If they say “Yes” then ask 4A or 4B.

4A.) “Do you believe that any serial killer or serial rapist who kills or rapes Indian children will go to heaven if they sincerely ask for Jesus’s forgiveness?”

4B.) “Do you believe that a serial killer or serial rapist who kills or rapes your family including any children you may have will be going to heaven, if they sincerely seek Jesus Christ’s forgiveness?”

If they say “Yes” to either 4B or 4A then say the following:

“Miss/Sir, that sounds like an evil God to me. What sort of moral person could see serial murderers or serial rapists going to heaven after killing innocent people? That is absolutely an evil doctrine and I believe you’re wrong for preaching what are clearly evil beliefs.”

If they say “No”, to any of the above then say the following:

“So then, there are certain conditions in which seeking the forgiveness of your God is useless and Jesus Christ doesn’t forgive everyone. Therefore, the doctrines that you preach cannot be the absolute truth and you cannot know otherwise.”

If they try to argue that it is ‘up to God’

“So then, certain conversions to Jesus Christ are meaningless and you cannot know if your God forgives everyone or not and it is arrogant of you to assume that you do know. So you cannot know if your conversions and your beliefs are completely meaningless or not but you pretend otherwise. You seem like a very arrogant individual to presume to know God’s will and to call it humility.”

Chapter 5: End of the World

1.) “Do you believe in the Coming of Jesus?”

If they say “Yes”, which they should otherwise they’re not Christians.

2.) “So, you believe there will also be an apocalypse in which non-Christians will be killed?”

If they say “Yes”/if they say they believe it’s inevitable.

3.) “So, you believe that Jewish people who don’t convert will all be slaughtered in a worldwide genocide that is worse than the Holocaust and you look forward to it because you believe Jesus will return?”

If they try to evade/say “No”/try to talk to someone else/or they try to walk away.

“Miss/Sir! Are you evading my question because you secretly desire to finish what the Nazis did because you selfishly desire Jesus’s return? I’m only asking because your beliefs sound anti-Semitic!”

If they get angry/if they say you’re taking it out of context/evade the question/or try to walk away

4A.) “Can you not see that wanting the Jews to either convert to your faith or die is anti-Semitic? Your belief in Jesus Christ is making you anti-Semitic and blaming Jews for Jesus’s death is proof of Christianity’s anti-Semitism.”


4B.) “If Christianity is true and Jesus Christ is the Son of God, then you’re saying the Jews who died in the Holocaust will be sent to hell. If they’re not in hell, then there are conditions in which Jesus Christ is not needed to go to heaven and if they’re in hell then your God is fundamentally evil and immoral. To argue that Jews who died in the Holocaust are in purgatory or that it is up to God still doesn’t change this fundamental problem with the evil in your religion!”

Chapter 6: Sources

If you have a computer, then please copy and paste these links to read or view all materials to better understand where Evangelical Christians are coming from, their objectives, and the abuses of modern Christians that remain hidden from the public.


One of the places where Christian missionaries are gaining their finances from:

Source 1: The mass rapes of Native Americans ongoing in the United States even after their culture was destroyed and they were forced to convert to Christianity under false promises of a better life. 80% of the perpetrators of these massive rapes that the Western media hides come from US citizens and the perpetrators are overwhelmingly US citizens that have no affiliation with Native Americans. Statistically speaking, it’s highly likely that all or most of the perpetrators of these rapes are Christians.

Source 2: There are mass killings, rapes, and assaults on Christian women by their Christian husbands in South Carolina. They use the Bible as the primary guide for living. Many Christian missionaries who come to India are from South Carolina and might have a criminal record of abusing women. Christian men from this specific part of the US feel they have a right to assault, rape, and murder their wives because of the Bible’s teachings of men being in charge of the household as if they’re God.

Source 3: Jehovah’s Witnesses have been found to have hidden massive child rape cases throughout the United States and the world. They continue to deny the mounting evidence and allegations of their pastors forcibly raping their own children and using their religious organizations to hide the events.

Source 4: This is considered a blasphemous image to Christians and is clearly against the idea of freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and democratic principles.

Source 5:

A documentary on the objective of Evangelical Christians and their beliefs:

I suggest copying it, in case it is removed. They explain, in detail, that they wish for a massive Holocaust worse than Hitler’s genocide of Jews so that Jesus Christ can come fly them to a new world after all non-Christians face doom in some apocalypse. That is the primary motivator of Christian conversions.

Source 6:

News articles of transgender killings in the US.

News article proving Indian tolerance of the Transgender community in India, which is superior to the US:

Recommendations: If you can fluently read English I highly recommend obtaining the following books to improve your communication and critical thinking skills to more effectively deal with these predatory missionaries.

“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman: For more effective ways of understanding how Christian missionaries trick people psychologically.

“Influence: Science and Practice” by Robert A. Cialdini: For more effective communication tactics and how people are psychologically influenced by their environments.

“Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals” by Heidi Grant Halvorson: For more effective tips on improving your own performance on your personal life goals.


[1] I deeply apologize if this offends anyone, but I sincerely believe that free thought and skeptical inquiry of Blasphemy beliefs should occur to create a better society. Blasphemy is fundamentally against the preconditions of democracy and fairness.

For more on the theological failings of Christianity

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