Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion by James Maffie

I would not be surprised if this is the most in-depth research on Aztec philosophy thus far.

Roger Kimball’s Lazy and Banal Critique of Nietzsche

Link to his "critique" article:

10 Arguments Friedrich Nietzsche made against Christianity that Christian Apologists Ignore

This is exclusively intended for any and all Christian audiences to read. If you really want to know what Nietzsche argued against Christianity, here's ten arguments I've never seen Christian apologists address, specifically from Nietzsche.

Should the New Atheists be considered the Most Influential Western Philosophers of the Early 21st Century?

"The Christian share of the population is down and religious “nones” have grown across multiple demographic groups: white people, black people and Hispanics; men and women; in all regions of the country; and among college graduates and those with lower levels of educational attainment. Religious “nones” are growing faster among Democrats than Republicans, though their ranks are swelling in both partisan coalitions. And although the religiously unaffiliated are on the rise among younger people and most groups of older adults, their growth is most pronounced among young adults." - Pew Research Survey of 2019

The Importance of Racial Integrity by Anthony M. Ludovici: General Impressions

I need to bleach my brains out from the sheer stupidity that I just read. I can only blame myself for having the curiosity to read this dumpster fire. Alas, for every Nietzsche, Gautama Buddha, and Hitchens; there’ll be a Ludovici, a Jesus Christ, and an Armin Navabi.

The Double-Postmodernist Thought Experiment

Let's say there are two postmodernists who believe that all forms of truth are relative, but hold different internal values and judgments on problems in their society and they sit together to converse on their disagreements. Let us call these two Postmodernists: Liberal Postmodernist and Conservative Postmodernist. Liberal Postmodernist is concerned by the wife-beating and … Continue reading The Double-Postmodernist Thought Experiment

Don’t Miss Your Opportunities

There's no point in worrying over things you can't control, so instead focus on the free time that's available for you.

Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill

This fairly short book has struck me with how John Stuart Mill absurdly contradicts himself every step of the way. Perhaps that sounds harsh, but I honestly expected more than what the contents provided given how lauded this philosophy is and how celebrated John Stuart Mill is in history. This work was suppose to be … Continue reading Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill

What The Fuck Happened To Intelligent Discourse?

When Christopher Hitchens died, it seems the entire world dropped double-digit IQ points.

Thus Spake Zarathustra Review

Nietzsche's philosophical novel was an amazing read. At the time I began to read it, I hadn't really been captivated by a novel since the Harry Potter series (which I love) and I found most fantasy stories to be really boring. I didn't expect much at the time, it was mostly curiosity in relation to the game. I suspected that I'd find it boring. To my surprise, it was initially quite a laughable read.

Nietzsche’s Philosophy in Modern Culture

Very few people seem to be aware of Nietzsche's influence on contemporary entertainment.

What did Friedrich Nietzsche mean by Slave Morality?

For those curious on what Friedrich Nietzsche meant by Slave Morality.

Shin Megami Tensei Discussions with Beadman

Spoiler Warning: This discussion contains spoilers for the mainline Shin Megami Tensei series and other MegaTen related series such as: Majin Tensei I and II, Digital Devil Saga Duology, the Persona series, Devil Survivor series, and well . . . potentially everything MegaTen / Shin Megami Tensei related, but those are the main video game … Continue reading Shin Megami Tensei Discussions with Beadman

Criticizing Islam is an Act of Compassion

Criticizing Islam is not intolerant, it isn't bigoted, it isn't racist, and it isn't done out of ignorance or hate. If you believe any of those things, please consider the perspective of those who have left the religion of Islam. Watch any of these videos, just one, or two, or all; whatever you want. Just … Continue reading Criticizing Islam is an Act of Compassion

Review of Unifying Hinduism by Andrew Nicholson: Errors in Reasoning

Although I'd like to praise this work, as I largely liked Nicholson's analyses and enjoyed reading some of them, I'm compelled by my own academic standards to give Unifying Hinduism a negative review. First, let me just say that for the average reader that this book will possibly satisfy interest in examining interesting parts about … Continue reading Review of Unifying Hinduism by Andrew Nicholson: Errors in Reasoning

Indology Is A Worthless Academic Discipline

Research and Book Update Indology is a Worthless Academic Course: Why Hindutva Needn't Fear Western Academia and How My Research Has Disappointed Me After having finished writing my chapter on Islam, I proceeded to conduct further research into Buddhist and Hindu history that I had began before even finishing the chapters on Christianity and Islam. … Continue reading Indology Is A Worthless Academic Discipline

Critiquing Christianity

Why Christianity Will Always Fail You

Table of Contents for The Failurism of Christianity Effective Communication Exposing Christianity: Resources To Help Your Arguments My Old Ebook Detailing Examples of Questions Why The Theology of Christianity Brings Misery Failurism: The state of being a complete failure, so much that it is a way of life, religion, or way of thinking. Over the … Continue reading Why Christianity Will Always Fail You

Western Philosophy Sucks

After trying to read alternative philosophical perspectives apart from Friedrich Nietzsche, I have come to the sad conclusion that Nietzsche's rather blunt and extreme opposition to Western schools of thought may have been entirely justified. Despite the unrepentant mockery and hatred that Nietzsche gets for highlighting existential crises, all he really did was point out … Continue reading Western Philosophy Sucks

If you want to promote Philosophy, challenge religion

Philosophy majors are having an increasingly more difficult time in protecting their major from scrutiny and outright vilification because philosophy is perceived as a useless endeavor that accomplishes nothing of value and provides nothing of value for others. Yet, a central issue that seems to remain unchallenged from those who attempt to remain politically correct, … Continue reading If you want to promote Philosophy, challenge religion