Questioning Christianity: An Improved Book Edition

A few months after I released the pamphlet style book criticizing Christianity in order to help fellow Dharmic followers and other Indians to peacefully end Christian conversions, I felt I hadn’t given enough to help fellow Hindus, other Dharmic followers, and other parties interested in stymieing Christian conversions. The pamphlet written in 2015 was more out of growing frustration and helplessness, but I had really wanted to write a concise book to help people in peacefully annihilating and permanently stopping Christian conversion efforts. The task itself seemed ridiculous at face value, but when I probed Christianity deeper after researching for my book Faith in Doubt, I realized that it shouldn’t technically be an overwhelming task. The tiny pieces needed to end Christianity should be there within the Bible itself and I had thought of a strategy to peacefully end Christianity by using the Bible to refute the Bible alongside adding my knowledge of the archaeological evidence finding no evidence that the Exodus story had any grain of truth to it.

I felt I did a better job with the two blog posts I recently wrote and I think my original ebook could be good as supplementary content, so I decided to reorganize the blog posts into ebook format for Hindus, other Dharmic followers, and anyone else interested in stopping or reversing Christian conversions. I’ve also added my own thoughts on what my own thoughts and feelings would be if, hypothetically, Christianity were true and why I would still reject it as a Hindu and an Atheist:

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