#BlockExMuslims Because . . . They Hate Us Hindus

Oath of Ahimsa

            Before I begin, I want to make it unequivocally clear that my support for political activism in the interests of defending Dharma is strictly in terms of non-violence. This is about challenging bad beliefs and ideas. Most Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, and related followers of Sanatana Dharma would agree and believe this Oath to be unnecessary and obvious. Some may even nitpick this oath on the nuances of Ahimsa’s meaning regarding cases of self-defense. Nevertheless, the core of Ahimsa is non-violence and if you’re going to be using this work that I’ve compiled, then I want you to make an oath of non-violence to yourself right now on my behalf. My interests in writing this as a self-identified Hindu Atheist are in criticizing what I find to be the hatred that Ex-Muslims hold for Dharma. I will never condone any violence or discrimination against Ex-Muslim people. This is about criticizing their nihilism, it is not about bigotry and violence towards Ex-Muslims. Criticizing their nihilistic cult is not support for banning what they say or threatening violence against Ex-Muslims or Muslims. Armin Navabi is an annoying idiot and Ex-Muslims do have hatred for Dharma, but my interests are in rejecting their beliefs. They are never and will never be in hurting Ex-Muslim or Muslim people, nihilists or otherwise. You may only use this work if you agree with an oath of non-violence against Ex-Muslims and Muslims. Ex-Muslims are simply fallible human beings filled with hatred and generally narcissistic beliefs, but that doesn’t nor shall it ever justify any violence. If you cannot make this pledge for me to yourself and keep it, then there is nothing for you here and you should stop reading. If, however, you think this was unnecessary and you’ll obviously never support violence against Muslims or Ex-Muslims, then please continue reading.   

I’ve exhausted myself enough with this Ex-Muslim malarkey and their incoherent rage towards Hindus. If you’ve seen my content for awhile, you already know my exhaustive examination of their so-called social movement. I’ve repeated myself over and over and over to no avail:








I see them for what they all are now. I was too blinded by my own dreams of movements that could help unite Secular Republics beyond just common enemy nation-states. Perhaps I was also misled by when there were human rights campaigns that these groups were doing. Armin Navabi has completely squandered their image and most of these supposedly highly educated Ex-Muslims who have strong disagreements seem peculiarly hive-minded on ridiculing Hindus by referring to them as Jihadists, lying about religious scriptures, espousing general ignorance with no curiosity towards Hindu culture, and – while claiming to partake in important critiques of the religion of Islam and getting into its hadiths – they compare Hinduism to tooth faeries, Santa Claus, and other very basic criticism that refuses to engage in the theology with the same intellectual rigor. They’re not interested in human rights movements, they’re only interested in stroking their egos and blaming everyone else for their actions when they show a lack of self-control.

Armin Navabi is not critiquing Hinduism’s theology, even when asked. All he does is post stupid memes that isn’t far removed from behaving like a rambunctious middle-schooler looking for attention. He feeds off it and he is addicted to it. From personal experience, I can tell that he’s the type of person who will never ever admit that he is wrong. He and other Ex-Muslims blame everyone else for their bad behavior. What particularly surprises me is that this really is only Ex-Muslims and it’s almost universally all of them. Perhaps some Muslims are terrorists, perhaps some are internet trolls like the Ex-Muslims, but the majority probably have better things to do with their lives. Insofar as the West and perhaps many parts of India, Muslims don’t act like this. This is agitation and hate by Ex-Muslims for the sake of hating. Don’t become addicted to it, don’t fall prey to it, and if you believe – as I once did – that they actually care what Hindus think? Please, go ahead and click any of the links above and read or watch all of my content on them and see if you can draw a different conclusion from what I did after reading and watching all of it.

If you are confident, based on the evidence, that you can criticize and refute Ex-Muslims, then go for it. Go for it hard. Don’t ever let up on them with genuine criticism, even if it is harsh. They see any sign of kindness as weakness. Just know that they will never listen and will try to present you as a bigot or shout you down from articulating your criticisms when they “invite” you to speak with them.  If, however, you can’t stand any of that and wish to stop hearing them, then don’t look for local government or national government authorities to penalize them. Don’t hopelessly report to Twitter (we all know that Twitter is far too incompetent to do anything), but rather . . . Choose Indifference in listening to anything they have to say from now on.

While it may seem like asking authority figures to do something could result in stopping them on the surface level – this specific response is precisely what they want so they can continue maligning Hindus as bigots. Instead of choosing to let anger fester and consume with the potential of saying stupid comments that they then retweet to continue marginalizing Hindus and spreading hatred for Hindus . . . just choose the extreme opposite of that anger and/or annoyance. You have the power to shut them up by just blocking them and encouraging other Hindus and Dharmic faith practitioners more generally to block them with an online campaign that is non-violent and non-abusive. If any Hindus are willing, perhaps even encourage all your Indian Muslims and other South Asian Muslims neighbors and friends, to block them forever. It’s highly implausible that they’ll object to a grassroots campaign to block Ex-Muslims forever. They wish to continue to mock Hindus? They wish to continue to malign Dharmic faiths? They wish to spread hatred for us? Block them forever and be indifferent to whatever campaigns or babble that they speak from now until forever. They believe we are the ones full of hate anyway and nothing we say or do changes their minds. Show them the difference between Hindus and Ex-Muslims. Everyone should have the right to Free Speech and Free Speech includes ignoring people who spew hatred towards us and whatever problems they have in the future.




#BlockExMuslim Because

#BlockExMuslims Because

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