The Lost Episode of Secular Jihadists: Two Ex-Muslims Lose The Debate To a Single Hindu

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The Audio for the video of the full debate is completely untampered. I just added the audio invitation by Armin Navabi to me to give greater context for viewers on how the preparation for this discussion began.

I had initially planned on revealing this video on July 4th, but my current computer is breaking down and my newly expected computer is set to arrive sooner than anticipated, so I decided to release this surprise video today. Rest assured, Ex-Muslims and their fans, this’ll be the last time that I waste on talking about this. I’ve said all I can say plenty of times already and whatever compassion I had for this movement has completely dissolved. The Ex-Muslim social activism as a whole is more focused on dank memes and behaving stupidly for the sake of disrespecting any and all social boundaries than they are devoted to time spent on human rights activism. They claim to be open to criticism, but shun all genuine criticism that they don’t like as malicious in intent. They claim to be welcoming of self-reflection and learning when they’re wrong, but when I or anyone else actually makes the time and effort to prove their arguments have logical flaws such as in this video, they refuse to publicize it because they seem to be embarrassed about losing arguments in debates and discussions. This was especially insulting to me because I donated my own money to several of these Ex-Muslim social activist causes as can be seen in the video itself. They’re inability to accept criticism is why they re-tweet the most asinine twitter responses in order to make their brittle arguments seem stronger and better than they actually are. I did care. I wanted to help do my part in building an international Secular movement. I no longer believe in that dream thanks to my experience with these self-stylized Enlightenment activists.

The only caveat I would have for this debate is retracting and apologizing to the viewers for what I said on a specific criticism I had for the Narendra Modi government. I fully support the toilet program. A better criticism would have been the WhatsApp campaign showing murders by Muslim Indians upon others which seemed to come off as Anti-Muslim bigotry (even if Western media and India’s Liberal media does the same to Hindus) and Utter Pradesh’s policy to show the faces of those accused of a riot on a wall, which violated their constitutional privacy rights. Innocent until proven guilty must always be the norm to prevent witch hunts and harming innocent people. That would be my correction for the portion near the end.

What this discussion was suppose to be about my 5-Part Critique of the non-profit group Ex-Muslims of North America.

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