Hemant Mehta’s “Friendly Atheist” Scam to help fund the Catholic Church

On October 26th, 2019, David Gee – an associate of the Friendly Atheist – posted this article about a Danish brewer, Christian Skovdal Anderson, complaining about negative reviews from “religious crazies” i.e. Hindus who didn’t like him adding Hindu deities to beer bottles:

Pastafarian Beer Maker Slams “Religious Crazies” Upset Over Hindu Deity Labels

Anderson then unanimously decided that Hindus who gave him bad reviews needed to donate to his charity of choice and then he’d change the labels so that he didn’t suffer the “financial loss” or so he claimed. Evidently David Gee didn’t realize the inherent self-contradiction of that statement by Anderson. How is donating to a charity of the Brewer’s choice suppose to help the Brewer’s finances?

Here’s a snippet below of what he unilaterally and arrogantly demanded of Hindus because he didn’t like bad reviews for his beverages:

As the bottom portion states, Anderson went on a tangent asking for more offensive material specifically targeting Hindus, to the great approval of the “Friendly Atheist” community and the equivocating approval the author of the article:

Source of image: https://www.facebook.com/beerhere4you/posts/2603707396334797

This is the website that Anderson wanted Hindus to donate to: https://dalitsolidarity.org/

I looked into the Dalit Solidarity website further, such as checking their distribution of funds. Keep note of this particular image as you read the next portion below it:

Now, take a look at what the education funds go to and the organization that runs this non-profit group when I looked into “What we do” followed by “Education” on their website:


Looks like this “Pastafarian” isn’t quite what he claims to be and his manipulative demands that Hindus fund the Catholic Church was then changed into deceiving Atheist readers and followers of the Friendly Atheist into donating to a Catholic institution; the very same Catholic Church that the Friendly Atheist and its readership emotionally rail against for pedophile priests harming children in both Catholich Churches and Catholic Schools like the ones that their money is going to.

I personally find it doubtful that Hemant Mehta and his colleagues didn’t factcheck this article before deceiving their readers into giving their money away to the very organization that they claim is full of pedophiles that physically harm children and also provide wacky nonsensical beliefs that mentally harm children. Of course, you’re free to doubt me on that and can choose to believe that Hemant Mehta and his colleagues didn’t factcheck their article before posting it and that Mehta and his group are thereby grossly incompetent.

Regardless, these misanthropic atheists who are so emotionally swayed by notions such as “fuck religion” ended-up funding the Catholic Church that they claim to despise because they fell so easily for Anti-Hindu bigotry without factchecking the Brewer’s deceptive tactics. This is what repeated exposure to solely negative information about other groups leads to; emotionally charged, reactive, and thoughtless outbursts of misanthropy while claiming how enlightened they are and how they’re supposedly willing to challenge their own views. The current disposition of many Atheist organizations like Friendly Atheist and Atheist Republic seem sadly geared toward a narcissistic self-devotion to being “enlightened” while making dank memes and stupid jokes instead of actually working to disprove supernatural beliefs through honest conversation and respectful dialogue. They’re completely free to behave as they are as it is their freedom of speech and expression, but all it seems to do is broadcast a misanthropic atheism that can’t actually accept any challenges when proven wrong about facts unrelated to atheism itself. And of course, it leads to emotionally charged idiocy that ends-up funding the very organizations that they claim to oppose on principle. In the end, all it leads to is uncritical bigotry without any self-awareness or reassessment of themselves and the facts.

Update: How r/atheism responded to this criticism. Permanent ban. So much for being free and open to challenge people’s views. I guess people just aren’t allowed to criticize the cult of misanthropy that so many Atheists seem to now subscribe to:



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