Siliconera Has Lost its Mind

I didn’t want to post this, but this person has now deliberately spread lies after deleting all my comments and banning me from Siliconera permanently. Here’s the full thread, and at the bottom are the lies that this Social Media Manager is now spreading:

My original post was deleted and I didn’t make a saved copy so I can’t even share it, but this Social Media Manager is proclaiming that I made slanderous speech after deleting the comment and banning me so I can’t defend myself from her aspersions. Here was my second comment that she deleted, which I did save, please be forewarned that there are Major Digital Devil Saga 2 spoilers in this comment:

Nier doesn’t tackle LGBT issues that Atlus Japan didn’t itself tackle in 2005. Not that any of you would know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.

Or perhaps I should remind you all that there’s literally a Transgender God as a main character and major plot twist in a certain Atlus game back in 2005 in the US and Japan. The themes of which was compassion, peace, and love for all people. This was only a year after a Conservative backlash in the US which resulted in anti-gay politicians gaining seats because of Conservative hatred against the idea of Gay Rights. The major plot twist of the game was a Transgender God saving all of humanity by bringing their teaching of peace, compassion, and love to all of humanity. It bears repeating: this was back in 2005, this was back when Gays were being threatened with violence out on the streets across US cities for being gay and even courts were reluctant to defend their human rights in the US.

Oh but hey, let’s shame Atlus Japan for the depiction of Kanji in 2007 . . . back when the West was castigating Japan for being a weird fetish culture because they felt it was important to promote LGBT rights during a time when the US refused to talk about it and refused to discuss LGBT rights issues. Atlus Japan got slammed in 2007 for even having Kanji be bi-curious with calls to censor it. But hey, let’s start trashing Atlus for its “wrong” depiction and ignore the historical context of Atlus literally being one of the pioneers supporting LGBT rights in the US. What Big name American companies were doing that when they could suffer financial losses for doing so like back then?

And now I’m being “warned” that I’m breaking some vague rules which seem to be consisting of Authors on this website constantly mentioning social issues, but then repeatedly slamming the delete button or ban hammer for generating discussion on those issues after they willfully publicize these news articles. It actually got so ridiculous at one point, because these policies are so vague and arbitrary, that I had comments deleted because I happened to mention factual information that COVID-19 was the likely cause of some studio pushing back the release date of an upcoming game. A conjecture that was later proven true as I had thought because I actually paid attention to the news stories of what Virologists in the US government – the experts fighting the disease and trying to mass-produce a cure – said which was that they wouldn’t have a viable vaccine ready for what was likely to be 12-18 months. They said that in March. So we shouldn’t expect a vaccine for a 12-18 month period starting from March. What rule did I break there when mentioning the likelihood of a global pandemic obviously impacting the development of a game? Who was I offending? What exactly justified deleting comments that were just stating the obvious about a viral infection that caused a global pandemic?

And now, in this topic, the “review” is patronizingly talking down to Japanese people and culture including one of the literal pioneers who supported LGBT rights before it was considered financially viable without a loss of reputation or sales. They don’t ever seem to go out of their way to vilify Western companies at all. Take note, when its full blown and rendered sex scenes out of nowhere in The Last of Us 2 then it’s “deep” and “meaningful” showing maturity but nudity like anime girls in bikinis then it needs to be censored because it is somehow vaguely offensive to women. The vilification by these “gaming journalist” writers is always towards Japanese people and Japanese companies because of this very racist and frankly neo-imperialist view that their culture is somehow inferior. It’s like ye olde White Man’s Burden has been exchanged for modern-day White Woman’s Burden. And to top it all off, I’m being told by a white woman who is a mod on here that I, an ethnic minority, will have my views erased because I have an “agenda” for simply stating my disagreements after she literally makes Mod posts stating in the vaguest manner possible that nobody can talk about issues brought up in articles they willfully choose to post. She did not make that post here as of what I saw when I wrote my initial comment and while writing this one. This is insufferable. This “Social Justice” crusade is literally using Social Justice to snuff out the opinions of any Ethnic minority who has a negative opinion to say about contentious social issues that the Siliconera writers themselves repeatedly bring up. Why even have a comment section? Why bother with this farce? Like, this isn’t just irritating, it also quite clearly is destroying Siliconera’s own viewership. I’ve seen it happen before. Dwindling readership isn’t an instant event, it’s gradual over several months. This behavior by their comment staff, when previously they barely had any, is so patronizing and annoying that I sincerely don’t understand what the point of it is. What else is it doing besides overworking their staff on something so pointless and angering their own lifelong readers? There’s no logic behind it.

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  1. I would be of the mind that Digital Devil Saga had a lot more thematic content than simply the theme of compassion, love and peace, but the undertones of such are there, with the fight for justice, peace and compassion amidst a world set to be destroyed by God being a key struggle. I’d also add that Seraph, being the fusion of a male and female character rather than a man undergoing a gender reassignment surgery, would qualifiy more as a hermaphrodite than a transgender person – although it’s not as though hermaphrodites are unlikely to be picked up as co-habitants of the transgender community mileu in practice. Nitpicking aside though, this was a good rant.

    • Seraph actually qualifies as non-binary which is still part of the Transgender identity depending on the definitions, but overall yeah. Siliconera has really disappointed me. In the name of “defending” minorities, they erase the identities of ethnic minorities who disagree with them. I don’t see how this form of social justice is any different from white nationalism.

      • That is something of a stretch, in that it’s not really white nationalism as such in that it lacks all of the political ontological imperatives of white nationalism. It’s essentially just liberal wokescolding, and it’s a game that I don’t advise playing in reverse because all you’re doing is playing in the same field, a field that has no basis or meaning.

        • Yeah, fair point. It just strikes me as odd that their own supposed ethical norms doesn’t justify their actions.

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  3. Something is definitely up at SIliconera. If you call out the Ooblets devs or bring up the EGS on their articles they’ll delete the comment. Not to mention the moderation on their Eiyuden Chronicle Interview.

  4. Sillconeria has always lost its mind, they don’t play any sort of games or want any type of discussion with other people unless you are part of a hive mind.

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