The Lack of Professionalism of Secular Jihadist Co-hosts Armin Navabi and Ali A. Rizvi

Well, after extensively emailing Ali A. Rizvi, he seems to have doubled down on his lack of professionalism, general incompetence, and poor business management skills by deliberately deceiving his Secular Jihadist viewership. As mentioned in the comments of the video that he uploaded, this is the third time that Ex-Muslim groups I’ve met with have failed to do their professional due diligence. First with Armin after the Atheist Republic discussion, then with Armin and Ali on their Patreon exclusive content of the debate video, and now again with Ali here. His double-down discussion shows to me that he purposefully did this to deceive his viewers so they’d misunderstand the context and wouldn’t have direct access to the blog posts being discussed. He broke his promise to me and then attempted to gaslight me on being “emotional” and this pathetic lack of professionalism, no different than Armin talking over guests, communicates to me that they were never serious about challenging their views.

Ex-Muslim social activists in the West seem increasingly disingenuous, dishonest, and intent on behaving too similar to sociopaths when arguing people are simply acting “emotionally” whenever someone gives them genuine criticism showing proof that they’re either wrong, behaving poorly, or acting unprofessional. I’ve said all I can say on this, particularly regarding Armin’s ways of self-promotion. It’s over for me. I can sincerely say, with all genuine honesty, that Armin Navabi and now Ali A. Rizvi along with the general disdain Ex-Muslims seem to have for anyone disagreeing with them, is the reason I can never support them from a moral standpoint in their current form. As of now, I don’t believe they’ll ever change and I wish I had never met them. Call me all the inflammatory comments that you like while claiming to be open to challenging your views, I’ve stopped caring what you have to say and I doubt I’ll ever financially support any of your causes again because I see you all now for what you truly are.

Here are the links to all of the 5-part blog post which they’ve repeatedly – and willfully – failed to share:

The Five Lenses:1 of 5, Atheism as a non-belief and Ex-MNA’s antagonism towards Dharma

The Five Lenses:2 of 5, My Personal Experience with Ex-Muslims of North America

The Five Lenses: 3 of 5, Is Ex-Muslims of North America Honest About Supporting Secularism? Their Depiction of India Proves Otherwise

The Five Lenses: 4 of 5, Noble and Decadent Morality

The Five Lenses: 5 of 5, Human Rights versus Religious Tolerance

Update: Like Clockwork, after this response, it’s finally there.

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