Razib Khan Falsely Claims I argued Rape was worse in the US than in India

As typical, while portraying themselves “above bias and bigotry” they stick to their own tribal nature of lying about what Hindus say in their arguments to create and knock down Strawman assertions while claiming to be above the so-called tribalism. In the end, I constantly have to repeat myself because Armin Navabi and Ali A. Rizvi seem to have willfully chosen to ignore the fact that the discussion was about my 5-part blog posts and they seem to have intentionally confused their viewers to make my views look worse. Now, I believe that since Ali is the one who emailed this to me, that Ali and Armin intentionally tried to create this confusion to make themselves look better and to make my arguments look worse, since Ali knew that this man was distorting my arguments but calling it an “interesting discussion” without bothering to correct Razib Khan’s distortions. I made a comment on his website, but as expected the comments are “moderated” meaning that he doesn’t allow dissenting opinions unless he approves of them. This is in shocking contrast to these Ex-Muslim activist groups complaints about the private company of Twitter censoring them. It seems they don’t hold to the same standards they try to force upon others.

The claim that I said the US has “a greater rape problem than India” is both very vague and utterly false. I said that the US should face more condemnation because first, India’s rape crimes are due to police-to-population ratio and the statistical evidence shows that its rape crimes are lower than the US per 100,000. Second, the US didn’t allow Native Americans living in reservations to sue their rapists in US courts until the year 2013 when the Violence Against Women’s Act was amended. Literally everything else Razib Khan said was a personal attack against me and the only criticism he offers is an intentional distortion of my views. This is who Razib Khan really is.

Update: He has since responded and seems to be alright with challenging his viewpoints on his blog post thus far. Although, he seems keen on labeling his misunderstanding to be my fault and not his own.

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