Progress Note: I Am An Idiot

Upon nearing the final portions of Part II of my book, I decided to check my word count and page count by making a separate file to place all that I have written into one word document, I found that, to my own chagrin, that I had undervalued myself and overshot the lengths I had already written… to the point that I will have to make this 4-year book project into a series. If you would like to read portions from the actual book to better understand what it’ll contain, here is a sample draft of chapter 6 which doesn’t reflect the final version, but it is still mostly the same.

At the time I decided to check, I found that my word count for Part II was 325,718 and combined with Part I which was on a separate file, it became 404,444 words. It amounted to 881 pages in word. For comparison, my first and terrible attempt at an ebook is around 18,000 words and takes up 203 pages double-spaced on Amazon’s ebook page count. As of now, my word count is 406,958 words and 1,001 pages in what has been completed thus far. So as you can plainly see, I have indeed worked on this book for four years. I will have to change it into a series and I wonder if I should scrub all references to Part III that were made to allude to that portion so that readers would look forward to it, or if I should keep it there so people get interested in future book releases… I really don’t know. It is intended to be a Two-Part Book series now though. I feel a strange and confusing feeling of pride and self-contempt that I’ve done this to myself.

I will now need to make two separate conclusions and I am struggling to think of what would even be appropriate for this book, since the intention was to finish Part III and make a conclusion for what was to be a single book. I’m contemplating a few ideas on how to conclude the entirety of the book as of now. I still haven’t finished the section on Hinduism, but I’ll probably do that one last because I really want to be sure that I can provide a satisfying conclusion that challenges people. I’m not sure if I’ll succeed on that point, but I’ll try with what I have thus far.

For those of you who might be curious, here is my Table of Contents. I wish to take down any notion that I’ll be going soft on Islam and harsher on other religions. I wish to show my ruthlessness upon all of them out of my compassion for the victims of religion:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Conventional Religion

Chapter 2: Asceticism and Rationality

Chapter 3: The Afterlife

Chapter 4: Open Interpretation and Coherence

Chapter 5: Gender Roles

Part II: The Specific Issues

A.) Original Sin

Chapter 6: Original Sin, The Failure of Abrahamic Morality

Chapter 7: Free Will and Original Sin

B.) Judaism

Chapter 8: Judaism

Chapter 9: Zionism versus Free Speech

Chapter 10: Judaism versus Archaeology

Chapter 11: Judaism versus Human Rights

Chapter 12: Concluding Remarks on Judaism

C.) Christianity

Chapter 13: Christianity

Chapter 14: Critiquing Christ

Chapter 15: Reductionist Insight And Regressive Morality

Chapter 16: The Narcissism of Jesus Christ

Chapter 17: Ignorance Within Bliss

Chapter 18: Biblical Contradictions versus Jesus Christ

Chapter 19: The Misogyny of Christ

D.) Islam

Chapter 20: Islam

Chapter 21: Isa

Chapter 22: Holistic Purity

Chapter 23: A Tool of Anti-Intellectualism

Chapter 24: The Follies of Islam

Chapter 25: Intersectional Feminism versus Islam’s Patriarchy

E.) Dharma

Chapter 26: Buddhism

[TBA Portion for Hinduism]

[TBA Portion for the New Conclusion]


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2 thoughts on “Progress Note: I Am An Idiot

  1. “A dialecticis libera nos, Domine” (Nikolaus von Kues) The word derives from the Greek ἰδιώτης (idiotes), which roughly means “private person”. It becomes in the polis people who kept out of public-political affairs and did not exercise any offices, even if this was possible. So don’t worry “JJ” ,- today we don’t need guts, like in the ’80’s … the world needs – us “oldschool”-IDIOTS , protecting the house of our ancestors and taking care of our beloved ones ! So You go the right way, brother . Yours, Zanike

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