Blocked From Facebook For Criticizing Nazism

Here is the message I wrote as a complaint against the ban:

I shared a post to show evidence that Hitler stated the Nazi movement was Christian. He did say that in the speech that the picture mentioned. That is a factual historic statement. I was neither endorsing Nazism or Hitler when showing that. Instead, I was agreeing with the person who made the topic that I posted in, the person shared his own image and stated that the Nazis were largely were Christian and backed by Christian organizations. All of that is factual, unambiguous history of the rise of Nazism, Hitler, and their connections with Christianity. I sharing further historic evidence in concurrence with that argument, I was showing the horrifying connections of Christianity and Nazism. I wasn’t endorsing hate. I was challenging religious believers in a debate forum on harsh historic facts about Nazism. Please rescind your bans on my account now. It is absolutely absurd that I was blocked from being allowed to challenge the community guideline ban to begin with. Please rescind now.

It won’t do anything. Why? Because Facebook banned me from being able to complain about being banned. This is absurd.

Facebook, and most Social Media Companies, just aren’t capable of making good policies on Free Speech and often wrongfully ban people all the time. After finding out that Trump’s Free Speech complaint website was closed, I decided to just email my Senators and House Representative. It won’t do shit like always.

Well, so much for making connections on Facebook for my book release. If anyone is curious about the email I sent to the US Congress:

Could you please extend the First Amendment upon social media companies like Facebook and Twitter? It’s quite clear they’re too incompetent to make any sound policies, their arbitrary removal of content and then dismissing any ability to file a complaint about how our actions haven’t harmed their policies, and the fact a wide swathe of important functions from running small businesses to paying rent often requires using Facebooks services should be sufficient grounds of imposing standards of treating them like public utilities when they become so large and important for people’s very livelihoods. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal determined a Presidential election and if that’s not sufficient grounds to change policy on large social media companies once they reach a certain level of audience, then what is?
I was just banned for 30 days on the Facebook platform for criticizing Nazism because they thought my criticism of Nazism was somehow an endorsement of it. This is ridiculous. I was blocked and then when I went to file a complaint, I was blocked from being allowed to do that. If someone wants to run a small business or to pay rent and uses the Facebook software, but then gets banned from it, then what’re they suppose to do? If you have no ideas on how to fix this situation with Social media companies, then do your country a favor and retire to allow people who are intelligent enough to understand how Social media works to pass laws that can make changes. Because right now, from the outset, you all seem too ignorant and incapable of making any policy changes that protect the US public’s Constitutional rights.
“Let your voice be heard!”, “Speak out!”, “Democracy needs public participation!” — Stop lying. Voices will always be drowned out by the arbitrary whims of those who have more money than you’ll make in your entire lifetime.
The image I shared as a criticism of Christianity and Nazism’s connections which was misinterpreted as endorsing Nazism:
Private companies aren’t competent in doing the US government’s job.

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