A physical edition of Questioning Christianity is now available for purchase on Amazon

This is a “complete” version that contains content from both the pamphlet and book editions of Questioning Christianity; I opted to make just one physical version containing material from both books and shifted around the chapters a bit. This was made very quickly, but it should get the job done for its intended purpose.

Insofar as “the making of” this book, the only real annoyance I had was the editing process since I had to put in page breaks and adding .05 to the Gutter section of page editing on my word document. Evidently, the December 2020 video giving tips got it wrong regarding the gutter and bottom sizes. They both have to .05 to get it approved by Amazon’s preview section when uploading the file.

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time or has read the book’s summary knows why I made a physical edition to make it more accessible for people. I want nothing more than to show the “good news” of Jesus Christ is false, immoral, and creates glorified pedophile cults that operate outside of the margins of the law because that is the truth of what Christianity and the hateful teachings of Jesus Christ are. Enough pedophile rings have been made in the Western world, there doesn’t need to be further proselytization of this pedophile cult so they can create pedophile rings that abuse children in India.

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