Progress Note: Finite Incantatem

Note: ALL FINISHED! I’ve sent it to Amazon for review.

I’ve finally finished my book, Faith In Doubt: Do You Question Your Faith?

I completed the penultimate chapter earlier today and with that I’ve completed everything I needed to write down. I had spend almost an hour with Amazon’s Physical self-publishing preview checker, I had pre-prepared and made sure to change any Georgia font, but for some reason some portions with Helvetica font kept showing up, even though I had thought I changed it. Evidently, Microsoft Word 2008 changes the font when loading up documents slowly. The preview system kept showing one issue that needed fixing each time instead of all of them. Eventually, I could click approve and made sure to check over everything before doing so. I’m still in a state of disbelief that this journey may finally be over.

There’s been an issue with pricing that came-up that I hadn’t expected at all. But I’ll wait to go into details if Amazon approves both the Kindle and Physical edition that I’ve sent. I’m worried that the Political Correctness climate and the ridiculous difference in pricing between the Kindle and Physical copy could cause them to reject them, but Amazon is open enough towards Free Speech to allow Nazi books so I’m hopeful. I really have to commend them for sticking to Free Speech as much as possible unlike other companies. Their only sticking point is not having any hateful content in the description and obviously not advocating for violence, which is reasonable since they are a private company that sells merchandise and can’t have that representing them.

I’m hoping there’s no issues. I’m pretty sure that, should I see both versions available, it’ll just be pure giddiness at finally having one of my personal dreams turned into a reality thanks to my dedication over the years. I’m cautiously excited, but if its self-published then I can start leaping for joy.

Overall, this has been quite the journey. Below is the finalized version of the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Conventional Religion

Chapter 2: Asceticism and Rationality

Chapter 3: The Afterlife

Chapter 4: Open Interpretation and Coherence

Chapter 5: Gender Roles

Part II: The Specific Issues

A.) Original Sin

Chapter 6: Original Sin, The Failure of Abrahamic Morality

Chapter 7: Free Will and Original Sin

B.) Judaism

Chapter 8: Judaism

Chapter 9: Zionism versus Free Speech

Chapter 10: Judaism versus Archaeology

Chapter 11: Judaism versus Human Rights

Chapter 12: Concluding Remarks on Judaism

C.) Christianity

Chapter 13: Christianity

Chapter 14: Critiquing Christ

Chapter 15: Reductionist Insight And Regressive Morality

Chapter 16: The Narcissism of Jesus Christ

Chapter 17: Ignorance Within Bliss

Chapter 18: Biblical Contradictions versus Jesus Christ

Chapter 19: The Misogyny of Christ

D.) Islam

Chapter 20: Islam

Chapter 21: Isa

Chapter 22: Holistic Purity

Chapter 23: A Tool of Anti-Intellectualism

Chapter 24: The Follies of Islam

Chapter 25: Intersectional Feminism versus Islam’s Patriarchy

E.) Sanatana Dharma

Chapter 26: Buddhism

Chapter 27: Hinduism

Chapter 28: Casteism versus Truthseeking

Chapter 29: The Insights of Sanatana Dharma

The Conclusion: The Transvaluation of Values


Further Reading

Author’s Influences

About the Author

Copyright Notice


Update: And the Kindle version is now available:

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