The United States of America Is Finished At This Pace

Note: I no longer have any faith in the US Republic. I bet a bunch of Trump supporters will say go back to your own country, well news flash: I was born and raised in the US, but hey, keep espousing the same hateful comments that Neo-Nazis do right before they murder Sikhs, rape Native Americans, murder Jews, beat helplessly upon Muslims or kill them, and kill people of my descent. All I’m saying is, I wholeheartedly cannot bring myself to say or do anything but give up on the US Republic and the US Constitution. I’ve participated in donating to political causes I care about, I’ve participated in knocking on doors for democracy up to and during Get Out The Vote events, done cold calling for candidates I support, and I’ve tried my best protesting and reading political news. I’ve sent emails to the US Congress, even the current President, and spoken out against corruption. Trump is still in power, he recently added to his fountain pen corruption with even more taxpayer money waste on decorations up to 200,000 dollars in taxpayer monies, and none of the politicians I try to contact ever try to address my concerns. Half the time, calling goes directly to a dead phone line. None of it means anything. I give up. I’ve grown up here in the US for all my life and apart from some social issues that look like they’ll be reversed anyway, everything has gotten worse from the economy to the debt (Trump added another trillion and nobody is doing anything to stop his idiocy), and it’s clear none of these politicians have any coherent or realistic plan to fix anything from the infrastructure to the debt or to ending the war in Afghanistan. They’re all Trump-lite, utterly incompetent and in power being utterly incompetent for far too long but you in the US public keep voting for them because you’re dumber than they are. In short, the economy’s going to collapse, the US Republic is de-legitimizing and headed for collapse, Climate Change will kill the entire human species in an estimated 80 years, and I’m probably going to be murdered and forgotten about as just another minority victim on the news killed by Neo-Nazis. I’m sharing this to let you all know, this is why young people typically don’t even bother, from a millennial who tried to give a shit and gave up because you all are too dumb to keep the US Republic from turning into a genocidal dictatorship. If Trump keeps his full 4 year term, it means the US really is dumb enough to allow a dictator with murderous intentions in power, who could willingly commit a genocide with the support of you right-wing Trump supporters. Go ahead and laugh as you say “fu liberals” while you and your children’s future die a slow death along with the rest of humanity at this pace.

The following is an email I sent to my US Congressional representatives and I’m sharing it here to explain why I feel the way I do and what my thoughts on the US Republic are now. I know, deep down, it just doesn’t fucking matter what I think and I can no longer rationally expect to ever achieve any of my personal dream goals when this threat of violence keeps escalating. Call me a crazy idiot, whatever. I’m sure most of you won’t even read, just like the US Congress people I constantly tried contacting. I didn’t care to change any mistakes in sentence structure, because I don’t believe they’ll even read it and I forced myself to email it as-is against this overwhelming feeling of existential dread at the future of humanity.

This email was titled: “I No Longer Have Faith in the US Republic


I don’t know why I bother anymore, it really feels like a struggle to even write this email when I know from the perspective of a Congressperson, you have aids who go through emails, probably sending automatic messages that serve the process of confirming a message was received, and my opinion isn’t going to matter at all compared to lobbyists and especially wealthy donors. Moreover, you probably receive at least twenty thousand or more emails daily that you’ll never be able to get through in one lifetime, so I don’t think it even matters what I say on this email because I doubt it’ll ever be read or that any elected official even has time or makes time to read them firsthand.

I just wanted to let you know that I can’t bring myself to have any faith at all in the US government, the US Constitution, or the Institution of the Supreme Court, The Congress, and obviously, the Presidency. If nothing I say or do matters or has any meaningful impact compared to elite donors or Super-delegates within parties specifically, and if the national news media can just drown out any third-party candidates with obfuscation or deliberate lies to re-contextualize legitimate grievances as wrongheaded or bigoted, then there’s no point in pretending the US Republic is either a Republic or even functions as a democratic process on a fundamental level.

I don’t believe that I can live free from the threat of violence and I believe that these concerns are the result of the utter incompetence of the US Congress. Even despite the rise in hate crimes against Sikhs, Jews, and Muslims I thought the US was relatively safe, but I see no concern whatsoever for the clear and present rise in domestic terrorism by government officials. At this point, I think even if I were to spend my entire life criticizing such issues on social media, some day in the future I’ll probably be shot dead on my front lawn or killed in some barrage of gun violence because you, your fellow Democrats, and the Republican party members all within the US Congress today don’t really care about addressing such issues. The US Congress are just a bunch of incompetent idiots who are so stupid that they’ve allowed a clown to piss on the US flag, the US troops, and especially, the reputability of the Oval Office. Because he carries the title of President, he can incite whatever violence he wants — it can get school children or a Jewish synagogue, or Muslim minorities, or Sikh minorities, or people of my descent being mistaken for Muslims killed — and the only discussion being had will be not confronting the issue and repeatedly obfuscating it while more dead bodies, and dead children, pile-up in body bags. I honestly don’t believe any person in the US Congress cares about the lives of any of the dead. It’s like the equivalent of changing weather patterns when you hear news about it, I suspect. My conjecture is based on the evidence that all of you are collectively so incompetent that you let it drag on to this awful state of affairs to begin with. The death of US civilians is nothing more than a joke to you all, you simply had to have already heard of the concerns from the parents of dead children and nothing I say would ever be able to come close to whatever grief and emotional turmoil that they expressed with you either personally or in your professional capacity. I think you all just pray your worries away and use your respective religions as a coping mechanism instead of addressing these issues directly. I don’t believe any of you care about the rise on cocaine related deaths, or the extrajudicial killings of Black people by the police, or the ongoing rape crimes against Native women who are repeatedly prevented from having their human rights protected directly because of US laws and a Justice department that never takes all the rape cases filed by Native women brave enough to push for a trial.

I blame all of you for incompetence, because it has become increasingly obvious from the overwhelming weight of evidence that you’re all too stupid to be able to deal with important social issues that need confronting and thoroughgoing planning to quell. You claim hope, but none of you on either political isle had any sort of legitimate plan in action and thus, the entire democratic process is a complete failure because the public keeps electing incompetent people like you. To the extent, that the sheer level of incompetence has only piled atop each other in an ever-increasing spiral of detached cruelty towards the consequences, social stratification leading to the thoroughgoing de-legitimization of the US Republic, and utter incompetence towards facing ongoing challenges that are both killing people throughout the US and exasperating these already problematic conditions like infrastructure deterioration, climate change, and theft of US taxpayer money by an incompetent Presidency. I don’t know what you all thought you were doing my keeping Trump in power, but all you’ve done is further certify the death of the US Republic; it may have been a great country with great expectations and standards at some point, but you all will go down as the sole group responsible for the death of the US Republic at this pace of cruelty, stupidity, and abuse of power. My personal feelings felt a certain sense of finality from Chief Justice John Roberts who I feel has simply granted the final verdict for the oncoming death of the US Republic which will come about in a generation or two and that I’ll be alive to see such a horror come to fruition as a direct result of the current US Congress being a thoroughly incompetent breed of idiots who have shown nothing but a vindictive hatred for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Over the past 29 years that I’ve grown and watched the US Republic in action, I’ve seen Presidents like Obama and Bush argue in favor for the robustness of the US democratic process, with thinktanks unthinkingly arguing in favor of it, for the same thinktanks to then argue that democracy is in peril and going to perish at the pace of stupidity and failures to help its own public meet its needs. In a short ten years, theorists and political scientists argued in favor of the robustness, strength, and rationality of the voter to arguing how fragile, economically deficient compared to authoritarian regimes like China, and even intellectually fragile the US is in the “post-truth” era. However, their main focus wasn’t on the people actually ruling the federal government and who oversaw the precipitous failure of the US Republic. You all. Due to Gerrymandering and political hatred on both sides, the two-party system allows Senators to rule basically forever in the same positions; the oligarchic and insularity issues that Princeton and other institutions criticize as failings are directly caused by the insularity and incestuous nature of how Senators and other US Congresspeople conduct their daily affairs with lobbyists, donors, and how they treat the US public and the policies set forth therein. Such as the fact that humanity has wiped out 60% of the animal populations since 1970; conveniently when you all probably began ruling the country. At this pace, not only will the US Republic fall apart, but in the very real sense, humanity will all die because you all are unfit and incompetent morons who have no meaningful understanding of what climate change does, even after Mexico Beach in Florida has been utterly devastated directly as a result of you all being too stupid to have made meaningful changes on carbon emissions back in 2007 under Bush. There are now hundreds of thousands of people, across the world, that are all dead because you all are so incompetent and too dumb to understand that humanity will soon become extinct because of climate change as a direct result of you being so stupid. I doubt you’ll even read this far in, in fact I doubt you’ll read anything I write here, so the hyperbole was intentional to make a point and to further emphasize that I have no faith in the US Republic anymore because you’re all so deeply stupid as people.

However, my main contentions and certainty of the US Republic’s eventual collapse as a direct result of your incompetence are the following: No ability to meaningfully decrease the US debt to the extent that you allowed a clown in the Oval Office increase it by a trillion knowingly allowing policies that would harm the US and its ability to decrease the burden of taxes across the board (and this is on top of piling up the debt to successively skyrocketing levels from 2001 to now), the off-shore penal colony GITMO which proves that you have no faith in the US Constitution because you redefine and re-contextualize a clear and present violation of the 8th amendment of the US Constitution through asinine euphemisms for torture such as “enhanced interrogation” to make legalized human rights crimes feel good to you, the lack of oversight for a drone program of UVAs that has resulted in the death of children and your decision to have even less oversight as a means of dealing with the human rights crimes, your lack of ability to deal with the ongoing infrastructure decay which is a direct result of not updating the tax bracket so that — ideally — the top 1 percent pay more into taxes to cover such costs, your lack of ability or lack of desire to do anything about the extrajudicial killings of Black people and placing more emphasis on contextualizing the police as the main issue when its your incompetent policies leading to these situations which you refuse to change, the ruling of the Haditha killings showing a complete lack of remorse for human rights violations since neither political party made it an issue and thus human rights means nothing to either political party — further reinforcing that you’re too incompetent to deal with human rights issues, the thoroughgoing annihilation of the Freedom of Assembly by both the initial Tea Party who protested against the Federal Reserve and the Occupy Wall Street movement — the mainstream corporate-owned media destroyed the former and the FBI and the local police did everything to destroy the First Amendment Rights of the latter and nobody in either political establishment or the so-called Free Press spoke a word of this direct violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution because none of you care about the US Constitution, and the fact that we’ve come to a point where a man can have an administration the openly steals US taxpayer money such as with decorations, fountain pens, and numerous other extravagances. He can openly express violence upon the US public and can conduct any criminal behavior and never be impeached for it. This man is making a clown of himself while US troops still risk their lives in Afghanistan; are they suppose to be on standby to await a new President for 4 years? You’ve let this man go so unconstrained that NATO allies and Europe are considering appeasing Russia and China because they no longer feel that the US is trustworthy. Moreover, the Belt and Road initiative is sure to have a plan B or C or D and so forth in order for China to take a stronger hold on both the world economy and the international order at the expense of Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Worst of all, if he honestly stays for four years, then I will absolutely lose any faith in the US democratic process, because it means someone similar to Hitler but expressing a congenial facade could clearly come to power and kill an entire minority group at the behest of the majority of the Right-wing sphere of the US public. That becomes more likely to happen because the US Congress has fundamentally failed at Checks and Balances and shows no capacity for change even as immigrant children are forcibly drugged and given more cruel and unusual punishment.

On top of all this, at the pace of this gross level of stupidity, I sincerely believe that all you’ve done is conduct a thoroughgoing de-legitimization campaign of the US government along with the aid of the Supreme Court of the US. The SCOTUS emphasis on arbitration means the eventual dissolution, eradication, and removal of US Civil Liberties entirely at the privilege and behest of Corporate power slowly dismantling the federal government completely. Moreover, the US military is in shambles, nobody is talking about that, and the very obvious fact that no one wants to sign-up and die for the current President because nobody has faith in him as a leader. Furthermore it seems like none of you are intelligent enough to understand that the removal of environmental protections, civil liberties, and this constant obfuscation and abuse of power from the destruction of workers rights to cases like Castle Rock V. Gonzales or Citizens United doesn’t mean that the US becomes more competitive with China, it simply makes the US public question “Why the US Republic at all?” and makes a dictator more likely to show up and cause either a civil war or wipe out an entire subset of the population. The voter suppression only further reinforces this as 65% of the US public no longer have any faith in the US Republic because all you’re doing is creating a third-world shithole country. So, why the US Republic at all?


Anyway, I have full confidence that this absolutely doesn’t matter to you and you never even bothered to read it, which is what gave me the confidence to email it, because I know deep down that you don’t care and it doesn’t matter to you. The Congressional elections are like a rat race that occupies your time every day, or at least every two years, that ruins any focus on actually meeting people’s needs. The US Republic is doomed and you all will go down in history as the people who destroyed the US Republic because you’re all too incompetent for the positions you continue to hold and then climate change will eventually wipe out the human race at the pace of the long-term effects of your incompetence. I’m just some nobody idiot citizen of this country that your economic, tax, and environmental policies have turned into a shithole because the US public still doesn’t realize you aren’t purposefully malignant, you’re just incompetent whether you’re a Democrat, Third-party, or Republican in office. The Vox article in which Paul Ryan stated he spent 27 years hoping to change the tax code was eye-opening as it meant that he never had any goals on how to steer the country, his motives were low-rate and asinine, and he never had faith in the US Constitution or the US Republic and his actions speak louder than any petty words that he could say to rebuke that. I suspect none of you have ever had any long-term goals for the US as far as meaningful grand strategy and are just as petty and incompetent in your thinking. I suspect it’s your Christian faith that makes you that way, since all Christianity really does is: a.) make you give everything up to chance under the idea of “Yahweh’s Plan” and b.) Makes you forgive yourself for any human rights crimes or horrific behavior on your part because everything from drone bombing civilians, torturing people, and devastating the US economy through incompetent policies can all be seen as forgivable since Christianity has no moral standard in which any horrific crime is considered too extreme. It’s a religion without any actual moral values, while pretending to have moral values. Again, I’m just some nobody citizen, I don’t believe you’ll read any of this ever, and I don’t have any faith in you or in the US Republic any longer. I’ll vote and I’ll do everything I can to be a moral and law-abiding citizen of course; I know even stating and writing all of this is pointless, but I thought you should know that I no longer have faith in any of you or the US Republic because of how I’ve grown up and seen you all destroy roughly 300 years of progress in a single generation. Your generation was the worst catastrophe to ever happen to the human race and the hard data proves it.


(I’m redacting my real name for the purposes of this blog)

Low-rate Political Scientist

Addendum for readers: if you think I’m just some whiny idiot, look at the future of the human race with your own eyes, since I suspect some of you won’t be phased by facts and evidence unless the videos are right in front of you. This is what I was referring to about Mexico Beach, Florida; this is the future of the human race:

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