The Teachings of Jesus Christ lead to Child Rape in Churches

The paradoxical malarkey of Christianity is finally facing up to the reality of its hateful and cancerous growth that has so infected humanity. Despite the laughably desperate hopes by Evangelicals that there’s some revealed truth or goodness or compassion within Christianity, the truth of the matter is that deep down, Christianity is a cult of hatred, racism, bigotry, and it promotes a perpetual genocide on anything different from it.

It was easy for Christians to smirk and wink at each other when they were committing genocide upon genocide on Muslims in the Middle East, Jews in Europe, Tasmanians in Tasmania, the Irish in Ireland (for being the “wrong kind” of Christian, no less! As expected of a hateful, bigoted, and genocidal cult of death!), and of course, the 60 – 80 million Indians that is estimated to have happened under Anglican rule of India. Of course, this isn’t bringing up the Native Americans, a group so thoroughly massacred with genocide upon genocide by Christian barbarians slaughtering, raping, and pillaging to forcibly convert them; even going so far as to rape, torture, and starve Native American children in your Christian boarding schools for the crime of not believing in Jesus Christ.

Yes, yes, I can hear you typing away in the comments “WE’RE ALL SINNERS!!!” and this is precisely the problem that you’ve yet to realize; your paradoxical Christian beliefs are the cause of all these genocidal massacres that you blame away on human fallibility. Your beliefs are the cause of these horribly violent impacts upon predominately non-Christians. For us non-Christians, it is quite easy to see how and why this is the case:

Your theology is set-up with two extremist propositions.

  1. Everyone is born sinful and thus either cannot help their violent and destructive impulses or has a high degree of “tendencies” towards violent, destructive impulses.
  2. All your violent, destructive impulses in harming other people is forgivable because you believe in Jesus Christ. In other words, you can beat, torture, kill, or rape anybody you want and all you have to do is seek Jesus’s forgiveness to be forgiven. The victim you hurt doesn’t matter, the families of the victims that you hurt also don’t matter.

Is it really any shocker that this belief system perpetuates child rape? Of course it does, it is functionally geared towards making child rapists because the teachings of Jesus Christ allow for Christians to commit any form of depravity on non-Christians and forgive themselves through the narcissistic social convenience that they call “Jesus’s salvation” in their theology. What this amounts to is perpetual narcissism whereby you kill, rape, torture, or otherwise hurt non-Christians, forgive yourselves, and say that you’re upstanding moral people unlike those “sinners” who didn’t seek Jesus’s forgiveness like you did after you hurt them.

But Wait! “R-REPENTENCE BRO!!” Except, it seems like none of you actually read your Bible or understand the theological concept of repentance; it literally just means recognizing Jesus Christ as lord and savior and reinforces exactly my criticisms against your hateful, disgusting, child rapist religion.

And ahhh, I can see it now, you all clicking my username, seeing “Hindu” and insulting me for rape in India, a place I wasn’t even born in. Well, guess what? The jury is out on that one too; the ones committing the most crimes compared to their population size in India (including child rape cases that go global) are . . . Indians of the CHRISTIAN FAITH!!! How completely expected from a glorified child rape cult!

Just like the child rapes that have been happening among Jehovah’s Witnesses where they use the First Amendment’s exercise clause to hide child rapists in their group! Or how about the Southern Baptist Churches raping and molesting kids and when victims come forward to other pastors, they’re told to forgive them! And I doubt I have to say anything about the child rape legacy of Catholicism! This isn’t even getting into all the child kidnapping. Ah, what about the good ol’ genocidal British whose Christian faith caused the most brutal human rights atrocities in history across the world? Of course they have a ring of child rape scandals!

You can go ahead and throw anger at my person, perhaps click off this because you all know deep down that what I speak is the truth about your hateful, child raping religion of genocide, and its entire barbaric history. Please stop ‘spreading the good news’ of your child rape cult; we don’t need any more child rape victims from your god of child rape, genocide and racism who was so “meek and mild” that he called himself god, the son of god, said his way was the only path to god, and said anyone who disagreed with him was going to hell. A narcissistic maniac comparable to Hitler and Stalin in terms of his ideology’s brutality and hate is certainly not being meek and mild when he proclaimed that he was the truth, the way, and the life and that nobody would come to god but by him. Personally, I’d rather burn in hell forever than submit to Jesus Christ or his daddy Yahweh and their cult of hatred, genocide, child rape, and racism. Jesus Christ is the god of the master race; that’s why he’s always shown to be white and not any historically accurate ethnicity. Go ahead and make your excuses on that too.

5 thoughts on “The Teachings of Jesus Christ lead to Child Rape in Churches

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    • People who make excuses for child rape because they want to protect their fantasy story involving a narcissist with a god complex are the real cringe. You’ll turn a blindeye to actual child rape because you want to maintain that your genocidal cult of rape and death should be immune from criticism.

  2. Not defending anyone’s actions here and I am not a Christian, although I used to be and have a Master’s degree from a Seminary. But you are quite wrong about repentance. Just a quick example the greek word commonly used in the New Testament translated as repentance, “metanaeo” means to change one’s mind. An actual change of heart. Barely scratching the surface on this topic. Many horrible things have been done by people of many religions including Christianity , but your description of Christian theology is a caricature..

    • No, it’s not. Christian Just-War theory and the Doctrine of Discovery which has been used to exploit and murder non-Christians for more than 500 years proves otherwise.

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