Life Update in April 2021: Why I haven’t been writing about US Politics

I should have prepared and completed several essays on my views and criticisms regarding the Capitol Hill Insurrection; the News Media seems keen on using the term riots nowadays, despite insurrection being the more apt term. I should have written an update on how my fantasy novel progress is going. I should have done a lot of things instead of just updating my blog to add specific categories for Streamed content and anime (something I should have done years ago too). Perhaps even add an update on the horrifying murder sprees happening to Native American communities all across the US. But . . . I don’t have any faith left in the United States of America. The Capitol Hill insurrection was yet another confirmation that the country I was born and raised in was far dumber than I ever thought possible. If White Nationalists want to go on triumphalist rants using token bigots like Ex-Muslim Razib Khan, then maybe they can first explain why the US is so perpetually idiotic and why they’re genuinely too stupid to understand that inflicting a breaking apart of the US as a nation-state would only open it up to having its military overseas attacked, its trade and currency shot to shit, and for potential enemies to exploit and destroy the US even further through either military force or spies. And yet, despite the Capitol Hill insurrection, some morons reading this will still think that I’m exaggerating or overly whiny or paranoid.

The US is close to finished; for all the laughable arguments about “surviving Trump” there is nothing done about the causes for why Trump happened or how the lack of punishment has made the Checks and Balances a laughingstock and a potential inspiration for any wannabe-dictator who is slightly smarter than Trump. I could go on, and on, and on . . . but I’m way too fucking tired and feeling way too negative about everything involving US politics. They can keep going on about “firsts” and new generations, but I’m stuck thinking why it took so damn long in the first place for a self-proclaimed enlightened and multicultural society. Does anyone seriously believe the prospect of us ever having a Native American for President? It didn’t escape my notice that many years ago their “prayer” sessions were disrupted when Hindus made a call for prayer, while Christian prayers for the child rapist god Jesus Christ are made by Congress without such incidents. They’re still stuck giving a child rapist cult excuses whether it is Catholicism, Southern Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and so on while underreporting the rape and murder of Native American women by non-Native US men. So much for fighting White Nationalism, eh?

There’s no point in complaining, because complaining means hoping the US can improve. The US is genuinely too stupid to ever be able to improve anything for the long-term benefit of its citizens and residents, ever. The US probably doesn’t even realize that their anti-India bent has completely wrecked the US government’s credibility in what they were hoping would be an ally. You just can’t get any dumber than the US. Oh, and before people start whining in the comments, let me just ask . . . how is that war in Afghanistan going? You see? You honestly cannot get dumber than the US. American Exceptionalism: Americans are uniquely in a class of their own in terms of egregious human stupidity.

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