Wikipedia’s Religious Bigotry and Christian Triumphalism against Native American Faiths

When browsing for supplementary content for a fantasy book I’d hope to work on, I found this shockingly bigoted bit of info on Wikipedia.

The idea of a “pact with the devil” being part of Mesoamerican religious traditions raises eyebrows. Here’s their cited source:

From this specific book:

Fortunately, the book is available to read on Google Books as a momentary free sample, here is what is on page 43, the very page that Wikipedia claims to source:

And further down for the complete bottom half of page 43:

Ah! But what if the page is just wrong? Very well! Let us try page 44! Surely, Wikipedia isn’t deliberately espousing bigotry and lies against Native Americans, right?

and further down on page 44:

Much like before with respect to Wikipedia’s claims about polyarchy, Wikipedia is being disingenuous by proposing that cited scholarly research made a claim that it isn’t actually making. Even the cited page of the book doesn’t argue what Wikipedia claims that it does. The author of a fairly intriguing book on Nagualism looks like a Christian fundamentalist bigot when they have never claimed what Wikipedia itself is claiming that their research argues.

Bottom-line: Don’t Trust Wikipedia.

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