Completely Disappointed with the HD Remaster of Nocturne: Last TDE scene is the 4:3 Bordered PS2 version

At 2:13:37

Credits go to Buffmaister for rapidly going through the entire game on Merciful (with the boss battles being on Hard mode) for the True Demon Ending route on the Dante version. Dante version has no epilogue just like before. No changes and while the scene after defeating Kagutsuchi is absolutely fantastic in full HD, the after-battle scene against the superboss is the same PS2 version sized 4:3 with the only alternation being really great voice work by the Japanese VA for Lucifer’s different forms.

This is all incredibly disappointing because the HD scenes leading up to the fight and the graphical enhancements for the fight look fantastic . . . but then the ending scene is bordered 4:3 PS2 version and it just hits as doubly-disappointing because the expectation of seeing an HD version of the scene is dashed and it’s the final part of the scene in the game. The psychological effect of remembering the last few scenes of an entertainment medium really come into play here and the final scene only leads to total disappointment. I’m not sure I have any interest in picking it up anymore. If Atlus Japan never appreciated what they had and cheapened out on it at every step, then why should we show any appreciation with our purchasing power?

I could write a letter to Atlus West maybe, I could do a lot of things. But I fail to see how that wouldn’t just be whining. Asking to change the final scene of a game already completed and published just sounds ridiculous and I don’t think they’re interested in listening so I guess in the end, Atlus isn’t interested in my purchasing the game. Honestly, the fact the expectation of an HD scene was clearly there and then to have it dashed last second makes me all the more angry at them having done this than it should. If they’re not interested in actually putting in effort with their games, I’m no longer going to purchase their games and if I’m ever curious and feel like playing it . . . there’s always the USED category.

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