Blood of Zeus (2020): A Netflix Original “Anime” That Disappoints as Expected

I just watched six episodes of this very boring and banal snoozefest on a whim; to its credit, it had me hooked up until episode 6 where the plot became your typical boring, generic crap as expected of the barbaric culture of the Western world. In what could have been an interesting plot of Gods playing favorites and screwing mortal lives, that aspect of the story takes a massive backseat for the generic Hero’s Journey tale that all writers without any decent plot ideas use because they don’t have anything interesting to say – as is most typical of Western barbarians – in any of the themes, metaphors, or morals of their stories.

Not only does episode 6 onward provide just a standard Hero’s Journey fare, but only the main protagonist and antagonist have any real development since the 5-man band trope is used very poorly by having the other members randomly introduced in episode 6 and Zeus – being the Wise Old Man Trope – randomly dropping exposition on the other two male sidekicks so they conveniently help out the main character. The plot between Zeus and Hera, not only predictable and done far less interesting than the Herculus 90s TV series – also has the standard flair of unfaithful husbands being forgiven because they do something heroic to save the wife as proof of “love” despite ignoring their wives or treating them poorly. It’s been done before in typical American action shows and some horror movies and it is so boring. After Episode 6, it just becomes a check-box of cliches; love interest / Lancer character has secret document that can help defeat the great evil, sidekicks make jokes and complaints while helping save the world, Old Wise Man character (Zeus) dies sacrificing himself, and Hero faces his evil twin brother – a dark reflection of himself – and uses the lessons he learned from the Old Wise Man / Father to defeat the evil. Any arguments about it being “expected” and that I should stop complaining because this is “normal” exemplifies the very reason I call Western culture barbaric. As typical of barbarians, they’re ceaselessly incapable of thinking outside of the trite Hero’s Journey formulas that have been done to death since Star Wars: A New Hope. One thing should be absolutely clear because of that; nothing about this barbaric and intrinsically hollow piece of crap cartoon has any relation to Japanese anime. Its artwork is in a Dungeons-and-Dragons Western style similar to Justice League cartoons (the Justice League cartoons being an outlier in proving this normalized barbarian mindset within the West doesn’t have to exist, but is itself a willful choice) and it has no relation to any Eastern influences unlike Avatar: The Last Airbender. Why then, is this called an Anime? The answer is astonishingly simple:

Westerners and Western culture are finally understanding their place in the world. While claiming to be the greatest culture and civilizations, when their wits and mettle are tested then they always prove unsurprisingly brittle and then satisfy themselves with whining and dehumanizing other cultures and civilizations. Of course, this was easy to do in the past since the West brutalized the world and left it in shambles after centuries of imperialism and two World Wars fought over chiefly Western interests related to power politics. The first World War creating the uniquely Western philosophy of Fascism which caused unspeakable horrors to approximately 6 million Jews and – the lesser known tragedy – of Americans putting their fellow Japanese Americans and Japanese people (as well as some other East Asian groups) into Concentration Camps for the crime of being born ethnically Japanese or “looking” Japanese. Oh, and if you think it is an exaggeration to call Japanese encampment the term “Concentration Camp” then you need to check your definitions. After all, what China’s government is doing to Uyghurs is called putting them in Concentration Camps in the Western mainstream media.

Anyway, it has been far past time that the West acknowledge their inferiority to the greatest culture and civilization that currently exists: Japan. And if you think this me being a “weeb” or “weeaboo” I’d like to point out these cute terms are just a pathetic defense showing disdain when acknowledging the truth of the West’s revolting inferiority complex. The West will synonymously call itself superior to the Middle East for Free Expression and Free Speech (as it rightfully should) and then mock Japan for having superior Free Expression in its art often stealing from works by Japanese creative icons like Satoshi Kon and even older works of Japanese fiction. The fact of the matter is, Netflix and these “writers” called their story an Anime despite having all the trappings of a boring, shitty, and generic Western cartoon that was barfed out which regurgitated all the shitty, stupid, and intrinsically worthless Hero’s Journey tropes because the West is jealously trying to claim equal status to a culture that has proven itself superior to the West without really even trying to do so. If you expand this to include East Asia more generally, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any sort of convincing argument that Eastern cultures aren’t mostly superior to Western ones but it is Japan that has truly paved the way. The best Video game consoles? Mostly Japanese made up until the PS2 era and Microsoft tried hard to court the Japanese audiences and has finally had success in more recent years. The best and safest automobiles? Oh yes, Japan again because they strive for crash-test safety just as consumers want and they’re not fucking up development of cars with annoyances like digital keys not working appropriately or cars locking themselves for no explicable reason. When a Japanese car fails to work, everyone in the West is astonished. When a Western-made car fails to work? Everyone in the West rolls their eyes at what is to be expected of the Western standard of affairs. The best televisions and Computer monitors? To be sure, Japan had a lead in the past, but its competitors today are South Korea and Taiwan; I’m not seeing names of any Western countries. It is mostly Eastern cultural democracies sparring amongst themselves in a status far beyond anything the covetous West can attain by its own merits.

All this said, it should be clear that there is nothing inherently wrong with Western culture accepting its inferiority and happily acknowledging its barbarian ways. After all, who better to protect East Asian countries from oppressive forces like North Korea and China than brainless barbarians whose only claim and repute is perfecting the art of murder? Of course, the West is the mightiest because it excels in killing people all across the world; both innocent and guilty. The West is the best at this and that is why it can throw around its inferiority complex on the rest of the world and act like it’s the center of the universe. We barbarians are good for something after all and that is protecting the superior cultures from more unsavory barbarians. So, we should stop with trying to laughably appropriate superior cultures and civilizations in feeble-minded and laughable attempts to imitate them despite having no relation to their origins and – in the case of this travesty of an animated series – have no artistic relation to the medium that it is claiming to be part of. But of course, I don’t expect my fellow Westerners to understand; I know deep down, we’re too barbaric to accept our perpetual inferiority to our betters in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea on nearly everything except one or two silver linings such as Free Speech in the US, better integration of ethnic minorities in the US, or bigger economies here and there.

Oh yes… This “anime” gets a 0/10 for both false marketing and being the complete shit that I expected it to be because it is a Western cartoon and Western cartoons aren’t anime; they have no themes, nothing interesting to say, they don’t skip the shitty Hero’s Journey crap formula, and they have nothing of value to share with the world. Whereas even shitty animes like Naruto have interesting villains who strike a chord with the morals of the protagonist and actually make people sit and think (after all, that is what most Naruto and non-Naruto fans say about Pain and the speech), most Western cartoons – with few exceptions – are intrinsically worthless. Blood of Zeus is intrinsically worthless. They wanted to make a quick cashgrab cartoon, called it “anime” for controversy because they couldn’t rely on their intelligence to make a good story, and nothing more. Don’t waste your time.

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