Why do the Abrahamic Faiths Dominate The World?

Rape, torture, slavery, and genocide. They’re the most likely to support human violence as per their holy books. Slavery in Islam began during its formative years and still exists today despite the West forcing the Middle East to make it illegal, Christianity has years of raping and torturing kids under its belt all the way from the 1870s to even now, and the Old Testament… well… people already know the contents supporting rape and genocide.

The Abrahamic faiths still are the most successful at committing violence; always using one negative aspect of a non-Abrahamic foreign culture to justify rape,torture and massacres, and genocide en masse of millions.

Westerners are correct to point out the barbarity of Islamic conquests; but see the rape and torture of Native American children in Christian schoolsmass killings of Transgenders in India under British ruleforced amputations and slaughter of indigenous people across the world over, and genocide as “rational” when Western imperialism is what is responsible for it.

Even today:

Just add “Western country” to rape of children, torture of civilians such as forced amputations in front of their families, and mass genocide even in their own backyard and it’s given this nonsensical notion of being “rational” to rapeforcibly sterilizetorturemassacre, and commit genocideAll mandated by their faith.

No different from the Islamists of yesteryear and the terrorists of today who find it “rational” to kidnap and rape childrenmurder people over blasphemyrape atheistsmentally or physically torture non-believers, or outright kill them. Islamists now conduct these horrific atrocities in places like Great Britain, targeting poor white girls and Hindus.

Abrahamics heaping the bodies of Abrahamics atop Abrahamics. Heaping death upon death for Yahweh, the God of Child Rape, Genocide, and Racism.

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