Rape Culture Comes From Religion; Stop Defending It

Patriarchy, rape culture, and violence against women. It’s long past the point where we should acknowledge religious teachings are culpable. The plethora of abuses should at least give people pause by now.

The most recent case of Ex-Muslims being hunted down to be killed by their father and brother for the crime of changing their beliefs about Islam; this particular case is one where the pair of sisters are stranded in the Eastern European country of Georgia.









And numerous other instances of sexual abuse.

The Catholic Church alone has a litany of abuses:

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

‘No more pain’ victim wrote of Pa. priest sex abuse, as he and others took their own lives and ‘It happened everywhere’: The unimaginable scale of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church.

Montana reservations reportedly ‘dumping grounds’ for predatory priests


Indian Catholics frustrated over clergy sex abuse cases

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Chileans lose faith as Vatican scrambles to contain sex abuse scandal

The abused – in their own words

The Catholic church sold my child

Catholic priests unmasked: ‘God doesn’t like boys who cry’

Pope trimmed sanctions on child rapists:

Pope quietly trims sanctions for sex abusers seeking mercy

If that isn’t enough, look at the stance on LGBT rights:

Stance on Transgender human rights:


Actual stance on Homosexual rights:

What does the Pope really think about homosexuality?

Opinion: Pope Francis’s stance on homosexuality is not radical; it’s in line with a still-intolerant Catholic Church


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