Waiting for Armageddon: Evangelical Christianity’s influence on modern US politics and the Middle East

This film left me with feelings of detachment and disdain. 50 million people in the USA, attracting an audience of 200 million across the world, to project evangelicalism in the world. They have a concerted effort through US Congressmen, corporate CEOs, a disproportionate amount of the US military, and have a significant influence on US foreign policy. In fact, the shuttles to Israel are paid at US taxpayer expense but they never mentioned it. The US media basically ignore it. Millions pour into the evangelical groups every year; they raise 75 million in charities to give to Israel and are allowed evangelical centers in Israel as a result.

The film makes it clear that the Evangelicals do have significant political clout in Congress, financial backing through corporations (they’re still trying to evangelize Israel, Africa, and India), and I’m wondering if some US soldiers would even fight without close ties to Israel and Israel being surrounded by enemies. In fact, they’re a significant reason that there is no peace treaty between Israel and Palestine – they see any peace treaty as the sign of the Anti-Christ so they want Israelis and Palestinians to continue killing each other. They actually say as much in the film itself. In the end, what matters is the fact they believe it and will use as much influence as possible to continue the bloodshed between Israel and Palestine for the sake of Christ coming down from the earth. They’re by no means inactive in politics and encourage a large portion of their population to vote.

US power has simply been squandered on a crusade and enflaming violence in Israel and its neighbors. There was no reason for any of this bloodshed; yet I’m left seriously considering Sam Harris’s arguments about actions having consequences – it’s too bad his atheistic arguments are simply a reformatted version of holy war doctrine. Even if I am wrong about his use of it, which I don’t think I am, his vitriol against Muslims is no different than the Crusader logic of the Evangelicals against Islam. These people aren’t a harmless bunch of crazies; they’re part of the NSA, CIA, federal government, hold corporate wealth and run massive charity drives to preach their bile, and feel veneration on all acts of wars and climate catastrophes as the sign of Christ’s return. They see peace between Israel and Palestine as the coming of the Anti-Christ and want Palestinians annihilated or expelled by using Israel as a pawn to do it. They openly say it themselves and even if they didn’t, their actions speak of such intentions. These people build weapons, fight our wars, serve as our Congressmen, and are appeased to because they work hard to have such influence. Yet, most people don’t understand this and willfully ignore its implications and consequences.

The level of savagery, genocidal intentions, exacerbation of genocidal actions, and so forth are disgusting to behold. It’s as if these people treat Jews and Muslims as their playthings to send to kill each other and the majority of Americans are simply apathetic to the consequences of these people’s intents to bring forth total holy war – an effort that seems to largely be succeeding at the moment.

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