Donated another $250 to NIWRC (National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center)

Donated another $255.58 dollars to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.

If you’re interested in donating, here is a link to the Paypal donation page of NIWRC. If you want to donate using other methods, here’s the link I posted before in a previous blog post.

Last Sunday, I woke-up crying, thinking over how the US effectively and continues to commit an institutional genocide upon Native Americans, never allowing them to sue registered, violent sex offenders who rape and kill with impunity because Native Americans can’t sue in State courts or in their own Tribal courts due to the US Supreme Court case of “Oliphant vs Suquamish of 1978” stating they had no right to do so and due to the “Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968” preventing them from being allowed to sue for rape and murder beyond 1-year prison sentences which people can pay off with a $5000 fine. I’m just so disgusted with the historic, institutional genocide by the US upon Native American people throughout the US.

My depression over this issue probably sounds pathetic; I just hope I’m not making it more about me than the fact this horrible, abusive, shameful, and disgusting institutional policy of genocide by the US upon Indigenous people of the US (men and women), which deserves thorough scrutiny and condemnation by anyone who gives a shit about human rights.

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