Source Code (2011): The Most Boring Sci-Fi Film I’ve Ever Watched

Everything about this film is trash. Don’t waste your time.

I wish I could end it with just that, but obviously people will need reasons, so let me phrase it as a set of questions for people who rated this as anything above two stars:

Why the fuck didn’t the people sending him to the past debrief him on what his mission was? Why would they send someone suffering from memory loss, who was not told a single iota of information about the objective or what the fuck he’s even suppose to be doing, into a parallel world of the “past” for information on the bomber? Why would they send him without debriefing him first, when the very early part of the film depicts the time travel as taking its toll and having possible limits to the number of times that he can be sent over before he completely dies? It’s too stupid for words. If the parallel worlds are such an unknown, why did the organized team that sent him believe that there would be no material changes in the details behind the bombing for the parallel worlds that he went to compared to their specific universe? Hell, why did they think he would be going to a parallel world that was remotely similar to theirs in the first place?

A good sci-fi film should aim for consistency in rules. This one has a science director spewing a bunch of jargon, arguing the main character is too dumb to understand, and basically doing everything necessary to make the very sci-fi effects seem like empty and pointless information because the writers and director obviously had no background details to give beyond the flimsy premise. The reasoning of sending him into the past without explaining anything and there being suspense over whether he can even go back more than a couple of times is so infuriatingly asinine. What moron thought this was a good set-up?

0/10. Do not watch. It isn’t a good Sci-Fi thriller, it can’t even be bothered to explain the Sci-Fi even a little, and it is just so stupid.

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