Monster (2018 / 2022): A Sad Attempt at Social Commentary with a Pro-Racist Plot Twist

The story is about Steve Harmon being accused of felony murder by a supposedly unfair and racist legal system that discriminates against Black Americans. The movie goes between the drama of court scenes and Steve Harmon slowly worrying about his future as he faces racially charged and sometimes explicitly racist legal professionals to scenes of his school life prior to being accused of felony murder.

First of all, this film is not very good. The constant monologues by the main character do not help it at all. I wish I had never watched even a bit of it, because it was so stupid. The director of this dumpster fire clearly doesn’t know what the whole meaning and purpose behind a plot twist is. It serves to re-contextualize the story. What makes this “plot twist” even dumber is that so much of this story argues about Kurosawa’s film techniques in the most ignorant ways and then completely tosses away the whole point of Kurosawa’s filmmaking techniques in order to give only one “correct answer” to the story. So, what the fuck was the point about bringing up Kurosawa, if that was going to be the planned plot twist? No thought went into writing this trash. If you want to make a story about an unfair justice system discriminating against Black youth, perhaps don’t have the plot twist have the “correct answer” be that he actually did help other people to commit the crime. That means the justice system was never unfair. That means your story is now arguing that the White prosecutor who tells the Defense Attorney that Steve Harmon is guilty just by “looking at him” was correct to do so, that means the Cops not believing Harmon was never involved with gangs were correct, and that means that the Prosecutor calling him a “monster” and pointing at him like a racist piece of trash was “correct” and that there is no actual problems with the Justice system. In fact, the plot twist would actually serve to argue that Black people in the US are somehow at collective fault and trying to cheat the Justice system for violent crimes. That is how dumb this plot twist gets. That is how dumb the director, Anthony Mandler, is for making this the plot twist. That is how dumbed down he made the source material. Perhaps the source material is to blame? In which case, the author wrote a trash fire.

Secondly, I couldn’t believe how piss poor this film was. Like wow, woketards don’t even try anymore with making a good film. The US public and Hollywood want social commentary and a focus on issues that ethnic minorities face, but are too stupid to understand how to do it properly. Like holy shit, are people in the US actually this fucking dumb? It’s like I’m constantly force-fed more and more evidence that intelligence is a thing of the past for the US public when I see woketardation on the screen, whenever I try to give it a chance. Now, in fairness, not all Woke is trash since The Boys and most Disney films actually do a good job depicting it with subtle and nuanced writing. But holy shit, when it is bad, it is a dumpster fire of gross stupidity. Who the fuck approved this crap? The fact Rotten Tomatoes gave this a positive score means their viewers can no longer distinguish between racism and anti-racism. No wonder it didn’t re-release since 2018. This film gets a 0/10.

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