World’s End Harem Controversy: Westerners are Scapegoating Japan for Christian Pedophilia

I decided to write this because it has come to my attention that Sony, Funimation, and Crunchyroll are now micromanaging and internally censoring Japanese media to stifle Japanese creative freedom as if to blame them for real life sexual violence because of the fictional media that they create:

There is a pernicious degree of deliberate lies, obfuscations, and an obvious double-standard of racism when discussions on pornographic Japanese anime comes about against the so-called “woke” crowd of anti-Japanese racists. The assumption is always that anyone who defends the Free Speech and Free Expression of Japanese art is either a pervert or somehow a pedophile, even in the context of World’s End Harem, which is a trashy anime involving consensual sexual relations between adults. Even though the hard data shows it is the West by and large, and not Japan, that suffers from high degrees of sexual violence against children and usually they’re wearing Christian Priest robes. Yet, those same values that create violence against children in Christianity is now being imposed upon Japan through shady practices. Sony, Funimation, and Crunchyroll have essentially created a formula where they purchase the licensing rights to Japanese content expected to air in the West to pull them down within a day in order to censor that content. This is explicitly towards Japanese-based media; not Sony’s Last of Us Part II which has an explicit sex scene between two predominately White folks, but of course “being woke” makes it fine, whereas physical nudity and sex from Japanese media is depicted as strange, foreign, creepy, and requiring to be censored even in cases like Devil May Cry 5. I decided to write a letter to Funimation about this and because of the appalling non-answer I received, I’ve decided to criticize them in this blog post. Bottomline: This patronizing and bigoted attitude towards Japanese media when Japan makes mature content is just motivated by racism against Japanese people. Here’s the letter I sent and for people here (Update: I’ve edited it to include links to every point made, I’m not making any of that up):



I just wanted to let you know that your decision to rescind streaming of World’s End Harem and your disgusting, anti-Free Speech decision to monitor the art of a Japanese company to limit their creative freedom has so thoroughly disgusted me that I will never, ever subscribe or support your organization financially. You can toss this off as some idiot whining to you about your corporate policy, but this idiot was a potential future customer who was seriously thinking of subscribing to you via Crunchyroll. After seeing the disgraceful behavior, treating your own customer base and potential future customers such as myself as if we’re children incapable of making our own decisions on what to watch, I’ve decided I will never support your company. Anime is not limited as an artform only for children; adult anime – like the Seinen genre for adults – exists. You might think it is cheap trash, but what makes that cheap trash any different than an adult romance novel geared towards adult women such as 50 Shades of Grey? Or, sex in video games like Last of Us Part 2 or Bioware’s Dragon Age and Mass Effect series? It is only when the product is “foreign” and “Japanese” that you suddenly have problems, because deep down you hate the Japanese and don’t see the racist double-standards that you espouse for exactly what they are. That is the primary reason why I will never buy another Sony console unless it is used and Sony doesn’t get any money from me for it, why I will never subscribe to Crunchyroll because why give money to racist bigots, and why I’m writing this to you. Deep down, I know it is useless. You all seem to assume child rape occurs in the West because “foreign culture” like Japanese anime is somehow to blame. It’s not. The teachings and moral values of Jesus Christ are to blame for child rape in your pulpits. Your child rape forgiving god is to blame for child rape epidemics and the proof is not JUST the Catholic Church, but the rape epidemics in Anglican, Jehovah’s Witness, and Southern Baptist Churches. And if you doubt this, explain why Christians make-up higher rates of convicted child rapists per their population size in countries where they are a minority like in India; far more than Muslims and Hindus in population size. That doesn’t just happen out of nowhere.

So go ahead, keep blaming Japanese people for the crimes and disgusting nature of your own barbaric, primitive, and inferior Western cultural values that cause more harm than anything the Japanese have ever done. It seems the US has gone from imposing Concentration Camps of Japanese people in World War 2 (and you can look-up what Concentration Camps mean, if you think it is an exaggeration to say Japanese encampment was a form of Concentration Camps) to modern-day Concentration Camps on the Free Speech and Free Expression of Japanese people, whether pornographic adult content or otherwise.

Jarin Jove

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  1. Thanks for the good rant but in the name of God take extreme caution, this will angers America and their evangelical more than any denomination.

    Did you know their street preachers are so ungrateful that they even have to preach upon any pop culture conference untill now? Look at Anime expo 2022. There’s one preacher who still dare to insult the whole conference. If they know what Funimation did to most of our anime, they will say “it’s a well deserved curse from Jesus Christ to the people of Japan”

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