Disgaea 6 Review: QOL is Anti-Fun

Now that I’ve beaten this dumpster fire of a game, I can honestly say that this is the absolute worst game in the series and made for people who hate good games and who especially hate Disgaea. If you hated Disgaea D2, this game is way worse. If this is the future of the series, I will never buy another Disgaea game ever again. Needless to say, I will never hold NIS in the same high regard ever again. I felt no sense of accomplishment beating the main story of this game and I had no fun whatsoever. They have the same “God of Destruction” enemy throughout the entire game and then spam it without any meaningful variation or strategy. It’s just a slugfest; if they had to make it just this one particular enemy as a never-ending mini-boss / boss, then they could have added variations like Geo Block strategies, but there’s nothing. Everything I said before also applies, but also add no character world and no weapons skills readily available from skill shop for your unique characters. It’s the second most boring aspect of the game after a while.

However, my ire is reserved for the most boring “QOL” of this game. Perhaps the worst component of this game is that everything has been categorically focused on simply skipping features; from skipping animations, to skipping simply walking in an already small netherworld hub, to an auto-battling system that you can put on repeat so the game can grind itself, and to a whole host of free upgrades that are made to make the game as easy as possible. The Geoblock strategies take a backseat with more focus (very annoying focus at that) on spamming enemies on the map after you beat a certain amount and that’s about all the strategy for the main story of this game for 99% of it. There’s no real strategy anymore. You can literally set up a team for auto-battle, use the cheat shop to mini-max level-ups, set it to auto-repeat, and have the game play itself maxing up to level 9999 while you turn your television off and do something else. How do I know this isn’t an exaggeration? I literally did just that and to my astonishment, it worked. You can make this game play itself and never have to play any features. You don’t have to actually do anything or have any input into this “game” when setting up these features. In fact, upon getting 10 characters to level 9999, you can just set the settings on “skip” for everything and have yourself auto-battle each section to have them beaten in usually less than a minute to continue with the story . . . or just skip the story by pressing the skip button and keep skipping and skipping until you get to the end credits. This is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen a highly acclaimed series fall. Even the worst Tales of Series games had more heart than this.

It is sadly no exaggeration to say that this is one of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life. The only two aspects of this game that can be called “good” is that the story is decent (not great, but your typical Disgaea love and friendship fare) and the cast of characters are all charming. I’d go so far as to say that this cast is better than Disgaea 5’s cast . . . but every other aspect of this game unequivocally sucks so bad that it doesn’t redeem anything. If you love the Disgaea series and are a hardcore Disgaea fan: Do not buy this game and do not play this game. Sadly, I’m being completely serious and speaking as a diehard fan myself.

“Quality of Life Enhancements” is the Death of Gaming and Anyone supporting “Quality of Life Enhancements” is not a Gamer and hates Games

This so-called game is unequivocal proof that the harping by a loud, snobbish, and self-absorbed group of “gamers” for “Quality of Life Enhancements” will only bring about the death of gaming. They’re too lazy and too stupid to want a real challenge in a game, so they constantly demand everything be dumbed down as “quality of life” so they can feel a sense of “accomplishment” from “beating” a game or “beating” a challenge, even when most of the features have you skip literally everything and set it so the AI can play the game for you without you having to contribute anything. That’s all these “Quality of Life” dumbasses want and they won’t be satisfied until they destroy all the difficulty and challenge – i.e. the fun, the whole point of playing a game – because they hate actually putting the time in to play a game. They suck at time management, so they’d rather everyone be miserable with shit features so they never have to use their brains to play a game. Anyone who supported these “QoL Features” for Disgaea 6 is not a gamer and you should never trust what they say ever again about any game, ever. Not even exaggerating, that’s how disgustingly awful this so-called game is.

To those of you all set to label me a moron: Let me just ask you one thing, if you don’t want to spend many hours playing a game, then what on earth makes them fun for you? Overcoming the challenge and difficulty for a sense of accomplishment . . . is what makes it fun. If you don’t have that, if all you do is skip features for the next scene, then why don’t you stop playing video games and go read a book or play Visual Novels? That is precisely what these skip features end-up turning these video games into. It sounds like you’re in the wrong genre. And if you must insist on watching these cut scenes . . . why not just watch them on Youtube, since that’s all your so-called “playstyle” amounts to anyway? Honestly, ask yourself, if all you’re doing is watching the cut scenes . . . why don’t you just watch them on youtube or some other social media website that plays the story scenes? If you insist on “skip features” as “quality of life” then, you don’t even want to play the games. That’s not me being a snob, that’s the complete truth of the matter.

If all you want to do is “skip the hard parts”, then video games aren’t for you and you clearly don’t want to play them. Just go watch a Youtube video of the cut scenes or go read visual novels, because skipping the hard parts is skipping the fun. If all you want is the story, go read / watch visual novels. You’re in the wrong genre. If you don’t have fun playing video games, you are not a gamer and you’re a cancer to gaming.

Disgaea 6 gets a 2 / 10. By far, the Worst Disgaea game I’ve ever played. 

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