Disgaea 6 Fucking Sucks: Please Don’t Buy It. I say this as a Disgaea fan.

This is my general impressions so far after getting to Chapter 6.

Disgaea 6’s “Quality of Life” / Dumbing Down changes:

  • No actual combo animations when comboing. No actual team attack combos at all.
  • No Magichange.
  • Monster Units lift like human units.
  • No opening in the game at all. So no opening anime musical to get you pumped for the game that became so typical of this series from Disgaea 2 onwards.
  • The Game has tutorial after tutorial about how to skip features and level up without actually playing the map. The dog character, Cerberus, always mentions them once returning to the Netherworld hub after beating a map. It’s annoying, tedious, and absolutely stupid.
  • A system where units you don’t want to use can do Item World for you instead of going to Item World yourself.
  • The Netherworld hub they give you is tiny so you can go to locations like 2 -3 steps away, but the game gives you a feature to toggle them automatically so you don’t have to walk. It’s both pointless and stupid.
  • There are “Extra Quests” where if you beat an X amount of Y Enemies, you get more free shit. Said enemies are just the standard enemies you fight in the story and have a “QUEST” message above them so you know you should kill them for more free shit.
  • There’s only 5 Maps each story section so far, except for the prologue where there’s only 4.
  • Everyone automatically levels up at the end of each map, including your dead units.
  • A Free Level-up Juice Bar and Free Level up Accolades system once you get to specific levels just to level you up more instead of . . . playing the maps to level up.

Among the positives so far, I’m currently on Chapter 6, would be that I like the story and I think Zed and the cast are very charming. I wish it could make-up for the letdown that is everything else though. If you’re a diehard Disgaea fan like me and are absolute set on getting the next numbered title, perhaps wait for a discount.

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