US Liberal Progressives have absolutely failed the Transgender community

This polemic is in response to a recent article revealing the Trump administration’s rollback of healthcare for the Transgender community on the fatuous basis that they’re somehow defending science.

Liberal Progressives have absolutely failed the Transgender community. Instead of focusing on changing laws to give them basic human rights, it has become a witch hunt where any stupid phrase is thereby seen as an excuse to begin some cultish ex-communication ritual whereby nothing of importance is achieved, nobody learns any valuable lessons, and nothing changes for the better for the Transgender community. The Transgender community remain among the most impoverished and face very real threats of violence to their very lives throughout the United States. The behavior of the Progressive movement and inability to accept failures and learn from them is absolutely sickening and ripe for Right-wingers who do mean to harm the Transgender community to be given ample opportunities to harm them. The Trump Administration’s complete success in revoking Transgender rights in schools, in the military, and now in healthcare couldn’t have been possible if not for the stupidity of the Liberal Progressive movement.

Defund the police” in response to the George Floyd protests? Who the fuck is going to protect Transgender people getting killed in the streets every year? What social services will help, when even they aren’t around for Transgender people? Blocking people for ignorant comments on Twitter? How the fuck are you going to build a human rights movement to change people’s minds? Burn down the system? How the fuck is that going to protect anyone’s human rights, especially vulnerable Transgender people being targeted and killed often by their own families or local community?

Judging everything and everyone on your own emotions on the basis of post-modernism – which is an art movement meant to critique fantasy fiction and not meant for social critiques of real life issues – is never going to bring any progress to uplift the human rights of the most vulnerable. I shouldn’t have to say this, because it should have been obvious. Judging everything on the basis of emotions will mislead you because you’re using a reflexive, knee-jerk reaction instead of listening to others. Often it comes with assumptions on other people’s mental health for simply disagreeing with you. Post-Modernism is antithetical to human rights and in helping the most vulnerable. For Liberal Progressives any notion of attaining power to make a positive change is seen as accepting corruption instead of trying to make real and lasting reforms for the human rights of the people that they’re claiming to defend.

Overall, I am just sickened by the extent in which Liberal Progressivism has completely failed in its so-called aims and only helped engender the most disgusting con-men to take the mantle and mutilate the legal rights that Transgender people need for their own protection.

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