Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Update

I managed to attain Rank 231 in global rankings for the recent Berserk event! I know it’s fairly minor, but this achievement – which reminds me of defeating the superboss of DDS1 many years ago – has me so hyped for SMT5. I hope it’s great like all the mainline games I’ve played so far. This mobile game has really helped fill my desire to play a MegaTen sidegame and best of all it is free! I managed to make it to Rank 231 and playing through the game all the way to completing hell mode on Chapter 7 Alter without ever having spent a penny on the mobile game.

While I couldn’t record my last ranking due to the game shortly ending once I attained it. here’s the highest possible ranking I got before I had to compete with others for the 200 ranking spot in global rankings:

In total, I got 3 absolute summons. I had gotten to rank 6000ish in part 1 before being slammed down 2000 ranks on the last day and attaining only 1 absolute summon from the 30,000 victory slot. While on Part 2, I managed to carve my way onto the bottom 190s and then got slammed down to 200s – 250s while grinding for days to keep that slot without spending any real cash and only using what they game provided in gems by aggressively doing missions to grind even more aggressively. For my rewards, I got a Huang Long from my first Absolute Summon from Part 1. From Part 2, I got two event titles and summoned my second Rama and a Lilith. Overall, it was fun time. I definitely recommend this free mobile game for anyone with a MegaTen fix who is bored.

Update: Checked the ranking from the old Berserk event leftover, and I was mistaken, it wasn’t Rank 236, but 231! Yay! 🙂

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