American Politics has become incoherent

I haven’t been paying attention to US News outlets for awhile now. It always seems like one massive melodrama happening for two weeks only to be thrown into another massive melodrama for another two weeks. Any time I try to pay attention to claims of serious allegations against the Trump Presidency or the latest in a slew of his typical oafish behavior, I’m awarded with absolutely nothing having changed, none of these “serious allegations” bringing any form of legitimate charges brought upon Trump, and the issues being dropped for a new set of dramas either due to his behavior or decisions. All the while, just as with the previous Obama administration, we’re told to keep gazing toward the future Presidential elections to solve all of our problems instead of trying to resolve serious issues in the present. The same issues have churned on for 10 years now and I think most of us have simply become contemptuous. None of the gears turn, no reforms are made to make serious changes, the debt keeps ballooning and nobody pays attention, we remove troops only to send troops back to the same countries virtually every two weeks, the US is giving nuclear power to Saudi Arabia and nobody seems to care once terrorists get their hands on it due to such thoughtless actions, and it seems like we really are all just waiting for democracy to completely collapse.

There is just no coherence anymore in US politics. Even if I try to pay attention, it is just an endless ocean of melodrama submerging me in either feeling detached from all the negative news or just never having any real conversations on serious issues of importance. Whether Climate Change, Islam, Gun Control, or whatnot. Like all great empires, the US is just slowly falling into disrepair, corruption, no changes in the tax system upon the wealthy, and divisions keep getting driven further and further. Dialogue is impossible and it seems like this entire stupid country treats it all as some reality TV joke; even after the great Recession, two endless wars, and censorship slowly worsening and encroaching on freedom of expression. Even when you try to grasp at something concrete to find some semblance of sanity and coherence, you’re left with it melting in your hands and then evaporating. I just can’t focus anymore on politics whenever I try.

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