Illhan Omar just used Donald Trump’s Harassment of her as an Opportunity to Catalyze Islamic Political Activism

Donald Trump is not an intelligent manDonald Trump is giving Saudi Arabia nuclear technology which they’ll undoubtedly use to sell to Al Qaeda in Libya and any new version of ISIS that pops up, given the fact they sell weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS linked groups all the time. Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran deal and now Iran could be enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons. Donald Trump’s foreign policy consists of letting Saudi Arabia do whatever it wants including kill a journalist living in the US and not track even the most ridiculous forms of propaganda that the Saudis pump into the US. Donald Trump has either been bought out or is essentially behaving like an Islamist plant given the fact that his stupid personal attack on Illhan Omar has now been taken advantage of to support Islamic political activism in a more coordinated way to influence US policies domestically. Islamic political activists will now have a firmer grip in calling US domestic policy while US universitiesUS corporate news media, and most dangerously of all US Foreign Policy is being pumped full of Islamist cash through chequebook diplomacy by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and many others.

Islam is a global religion that seeks conversions, it is more Far-right than Far-right Christianity. The basic tenants of the Tafsir are that non-Muslims have no right to an opinion on Islam and even respected Muslim journalists in the West like Mehdi Hassan apply this to Ex-Muslims who risk death even in the West for the crime of Free Speech and Freedom of Thought. Donald Trump is almost categorically conceding and catalyzing an Islamist takeover of US culture. Illhan Omar got away with shutting down a Progressive Muslim activist demanding to know what she’ll do about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), which disproportionately is happening in Illhan Omar’s own district, in order to tout herself for her identity as a Muslim woman (despite the fact a Progressive Muslim woman asked her that concerned question) and Illhan Omar has been able to catalyze and get away with all of this solely because of Donald Trump.

Update: My post on the IDW Subreddit concerning this topic has been promptly removed in slightly over 30 minutes of me posting the topic:


Meanwhile, the topic defending Illhan Omar is still active and considered part of the arbitrary “rules” of the IDW subreddit. This is censorship at its finest and no different from the so-called “Liberal media” of the US mainstream media that the IDW purports to challenge. In fact, it shuts down all discussion in opposition to Islamism with no explanation instead of arguing so-called “Islamophobia” which is a term the Western mainstream media uses to conflate criticism of Islam with bigotry against Muslims as people.

Well, I’ve just got a response, and they’ve chosen to continue to block it because their feelings were hurt and blocked me from being able to make further comments, so much for the motto of facts over feelings:


And now, the IDW Admins and Mods were so offended, they put a strike against me for criticizing them:


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