Survive The Jive: A Youtuber Filled With Lies

I just happened upon this interesting Youtuber when doing some further research regarding the Aryan Invasion theory:

I decided to look up his “scientific sources” because I want to be wrong. Only to find to my surprise that this man’s sources contradict his claims in his video.

Source 2: Is only about migration within the Steppes, absolutely NO INFORMATION about migration to India at all.

Source 3: Claims to only be a made-up scenario and not a scientific study in order to make a hypothesis about migration.

Source 4: Explicitly claims that the Steppes population didn’t migrate far at all in its conclusion and discredits the Indo-Aryan claim.

Please spread the word about Survive The Jive: People are unknowingly paying this man to lie to them. He didn’t check his own sources, he made-up a bunch of nonsense and people believed it without fact-checking his own sources that he linked.

7 thoughts on “Survive The Jive: A Youtuber Filled With Lies

  1. Thank you. STJ is a notorious LIAR. He is not a Pagan, but an agent of (((academia))) and thus an enemy of Europe.

  2. STJ is an unbearable effeminierte Kunt and he hides his weak, Christian hipster chin for that reason.

  3. There is plenty of evidence indicating common roots of northern Europeans (by extension all “Nordic” Europeans I guess) in the Eastern European steppes, but these aren’t the same as “Aryans” or “Indo-Europeans”. He is absolutely obsessed with it so he can justify his fetishistic orientalism (and get around his complete lack of knowledge about European customs)

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