The Intolerance of Nerdfighteria: How Discussing Human Rights Gets You Muted And Banned

So, awhile back I attempted to share Ex-Muslims of North America content on Nerdfighteria Discords in an effort to join their communities while sharing information on an important human rights topic. When doing this, I was immediately accused of bigotry, when talking about human rights I was accused of making a strawman (even though no opposing argument was given nor any discernible information regarding any opposing argument), and I was told that I was posting on “incorrect channels” — the channels I selected were related to Politics and stated it was for divisive and controversial topics. Evidently, human rights wasn’t included in that package as I was muted by one Nerdfighteria community and the other refused to respond to my question of whether they valued the human rights of Ex-Muslims.

A part of me just didn’t want to believe that Nerdfighteria, a community that seemed so calm, compassionate, and open to polite communication of ideas could be so intolerant towards the human rights of some of the most vulnerable people in the world today who live in fear within their own societies for the crime of having their own opinions. So, I made and used an alternative account to check and see if I could open discussions about the human rights of Ex-Muslims who essentially have to live in fear for their very lives and the human rights abuses that women in Islamic majority communities suffer. I primarily did this because as far as cost-benefits analysis, the human rights of people should outweigh the woeful ideal of religious tolerance. If that seems like an excuse for “trolling” then I would honestly respond by pointing out that the human rights of these people and the ability to give their human rights issues a platform should be paramount to the public discourse. Just as we discuss Yazidi and Christian women being abused as sex slaves by ISIS, Ex-Muslims being hunted down and killed for the crime of freedom of thought is just as relevant of a human rights issue. Also, I find it astonishing and sickening that fellow Liberals can dismiss the human rights of these people so callously without any regard for what they’re condemning these people too. I suspect it’s because people don’t want to open the discussion on the hot topic of religion in order to protect their own religious traditions. As such, I suspect that their own religion is more important than people’s human rights. Furthermore, trolling seems to just be a meaningless personal attack for shutting down discussion whenever a topic that is personally uncomfortable comes up. It’s a meaningless term that ignores critical examination of the content in order to swipe away all nuanced discussion due to personal comfort levels. I personally feel a sense of frustration and disbelief that this crucial human rights issue hasn’t found a stronger acceptance in Left-leaning public discourse.

For this new attempt, I used another username and shared videos of human rights crimes.

An Honor Killing of a Muslim girl by her Father and Uncle via a horrific beheading. I explained how it was a tragic story due to Islamic teachings:

The next one I shared was a short video of a ex-Muslim atheist in Pakistan who was hunted down, gang raped in his local area, and given a fatwah, recommended by his own mother, that ordered his death. He has since fled Pakistan successfully thanks to a human rights campaign by Ex-Muslim activists and their fans within the atheist community:

The final one was a recent interview as of two days prior to today where Richard Dawkins had an interview with a Saudi Arabian ex-Muslim woman who explained in the interview how her own brother tried to hunt down and murder her because of the teachings of Islam:

The first Nerdfighteria community raised objections to the content and I kept focus on human rights and questioned their concern for human rights. They claimed none of it was current, which is false since Rana Ahmad’s interview with Richard Dawkins happened only two days ago as of this post.

First, they muted me and shared the following below, and then immediately banned me completely after saying the following:


Evidently, discussing the human rights of Ex-Muslims is too “triggering” for people and so they ban anyone who talks about their human rights.

The next server has me totally muted and blocked from the channel of Politics and Current Events in which I discussed this material in length. I spoke with the Admin who muted me and the discussion went along as follows:




Evidently, I’m “trolling” but I’m not actually a troll as I don’t understand that I am a troll for advocating for the human rights of Ex-Muslims… or something. This patronizing reasoning speaks for itself in how utterly deluded it is. Also, Nerdfighteria Discords claim they do care about the lives of Ex-Muslims and Muslim women in Islamic countries suffering from abuse and they show it by muting and blocking all content from people who discuss the human rights of Ex-Muslims and female Muslims suffering from abuse. They see no contradiction in their words and actions. They claim to care about human rights, but because the very lives of people suffering due to religious violence is “triggering” to them – even as it happens in our lifetime and even as Ex-Muslims themselves wish to discuss these issues – their personal comfort level end-up mattering more than other people’s lives. These topics are barred and none of these so-called Left-leaning and multicultural human rights advocates, who champion international human rights causes, actually care about the human rights of Ex-Muslims or Muslim women in Islamic majority countries suffering from abuse.

I’m left baffled and disgusted by these people. Religious Tolerance is an insipid poison that kills meaningful conversation and “triggers” seem to be a sorry excuse to refuse to change one’s mind and hear alternative views.

For those curious about these Nerdfighteria Fanbase Discords, here are the links below to where there should be open server invites within the website links:

Nerdfighteria Discord

Tuataria Nerdfighteria Discord

Update: Nerdfighters Reddit page added a new rule “Trolling” after I wrote and submitted my post and promptly banned me on that basis. Evidently, advocating for human rights is “trolling” to the Nerdfighter Reddit community:


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