Why Criticize Islam?

Islam is an innately violent, hateful, racist, sexist, and bigoted religion. It is the most barbaric of the Major religions.

Islam is a hateful and dangerous death cult. The Sharia (Islamic Divine Law of the Abrahamic God) must be accepted as unquestioned fact that nobody can argue against to be a Muslim. The only people allowed to interpret the Hadiths are so-called “Islamic Scholars” which are composed of people who know Arabic and are an Islamic theologian (Imam or some other priestly equivalent) so a “scholar” is a theologian who accepts the Quran as unquestioned fact that can’t be challenged. Obviously, there is no room for critical thinking there.

The average Muslim will then seek the Islamic “scholar’s” advice on how to live and the Theologian’s duty is to categorically assess what parts of the outside world are allowed or not allowed for a Muslim to follow. Two more rules further solidify Muslims largely being incapable of critical thinking or even thinking in general. Fitna, i.e. you can’t distress a Muslim for believing in Islam or make them question it. And finally, Bidah which is referred to as “invention” i.e. you can’t change any aspect of Islam with a new teaching or idea because the Quran is suppose to be the perfect book on how to live life for all-time for Muslims.

In effect, this religion categorically goes to war with all outside logic and reasoning so that Muslims learn only to value other Muslims. It’s a cult in every sense of the word. The highest authority is considered the Quran and Muslims must seek Imams or equivalent “Islamic scholars” for their opinions. Oh, and Muhammad is regarded as the perfect human being to model after.

Therefore, many Muslims can’t possibly be critical thinkers, they’re largely incapable of thinking itself in many Islamic countries, and they threaten to harass, insult, and kill any and all who leave the faith of Islam and who make Muslims question it.

A few facts for you:

Approximately 50% of Muslims around the world are inbred because of a long line of cousin marriages in their genealogy which Islam celebrates.

Cutting open the throat of an animal and watching its blood flow on the streets after Ramadan in celebration of the Abrahamic God is a duty that all Muslims must do because of a religious decree they believe to be from the Abrahamic God.

Islamic countries, despite having outlawed slavery due solely to Western pressure, continue to have a black market and unspoken acceptance of slavery and even the sexual slavery of women and young girls in their societies.

The Shafi’i school of Islam considers Female Genital Mutilation a religious obligation.

The Quran verse 4:24 teaches that you can have sex slaves and rape them whenever you want — which is why ISIS is being consistent with Islam’s teachings when Muslim men of ISIS rape Yazidi and Christian women after praying over them.

Kaffir is a slur Muslims use to throw contempt at non-Muslims, over the centuries it even became the equivalent of an Islamic n-word meant to insult Black Africans of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beating your wife is accepted in the Quran and there are real world consequences that women suffer to this day.

Jihad means holy war for the Abrahamic God’s cause and Muslims are taught to attack atheists and polytheists through physical force as an Islamic duty.

A few laughably stupid things that Muslims must believe because Muhammad said them:

The sun sets on a muddy spring

The flying horse fantasy of Muhammad, which is detailed by Apostate Prophet in this video.

Meanwhile, their IQs keep dropping because of centuries of cousin marriages, Muslims believe in ridiculous flying horse fantasies because the Quran claims Muhammad’s plagiarized dream of the Zoroastrian tale of heaven is somehow an unquestioned fact, Muslims think the left hand is evil and that Satan exists everywhere to deceive so religious minorities (including Muslim minorities) are tortured, mutilated, raped, or killed in Islamic societies to “teach them a lesson” as if that’s morally good. Most Muslims in the world honestly believe this pathetically horrible system of low IQs, illiteracy, hatred for others, violence upon Jews and other minorities, and blaming all their problems on the West are somehow marks of a perfect society or something. They have conspiracy theories about Jews and the West largely because they truly believe the Quran leads to the perfect society and assume that it doesn’t become so because of outside influence since they’re incapable of thinking logically about one book being supposedly perfect for all-time. If you ask Muslims what’s so special about their hateful holy book, they say it’s unique without much thought on what that even means or how it’s more or less unique than any other holy book. Most totally believe lies like Zakir Naik’s nonsense about Muhammad being in other holy books (he isn’t in any other holy book, nor does anyone want a pedophile warlord in their holy books).

Muslim scholar who graduated from Harvard Divinity School defending child rape:

Muslims believe the Abrahamic God split the moon for Muhammad:

Zakir Naik is a liar:

Muhammad thought camel piss is considered holy water from the Abrahamic God:

The benefits of drinking camel urine – Islam Question & Answer

Science says instead that it can kill you and bring on diseases, but of course Muslims will still drink it because they fundamentally lack critical thinking.

This religion is so damn stupid, I can’t believe that people actually kill others for leaving this joke of a faith. There’s my brutal honesty there for you; even just talking to them is aggravating because all they do is shout at me with racist slurs, anti-Hindu insults, anti-atheist insults, tell me how much they want to kill Americans of the US, tell me how much they feel pleasure in their families joining terrorists to kill US troops while they live in Western countries like Europe and the US where its safe, and how they want to kill every Westerner, rape women, and murder Christians, Jews, Hindus, and atheists. Why the hell are liberals defending people who want to kill them?

“Not Most Muslims!” Really? Really? Have you looked at the majority Muslim populations? Because that’s most Muslims in the world, not the neighbors in the West who live as minorities with very little power.

The reality of Islam:


Apostasy – Wikipedia

Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy?

The Reality of Liberals Defending Islam:

50539530_373742056783167_2276137022529732608_n (1)

Oh! But History! The HISTORY of Islam! Something-something Muhammad was peaceful! Except when he slaughtered an entire Jewish tribe, took a woman named Safiya bint Huyai as a potential sex slave after killing her entire family and the civilian captives, and then married her on a whim and forced himself on her that very night:

QuranX.com The most complete Quran / Hadith / Tafsir collection available!

QuranX.com The most complete Quran / Hadith / Tafsir collection available!

QuranX.com The most complete Quran / Hadith / Tafsir collection available!

And remember folks: Islam teaches that Muhammad was the perfect man and that all Muslims must strive to emulate him. So when he slaughters a village, takes a Jewish woman as a sex slave to marry, and then rapes her that very night then Muslims must follow his example. Which, as mentioned prior, members of ISIS wholeheartedly do, as they pray above their Christian and Yazidi captives before raping them.

Oh, but what about afterwards? What did Islamic leaders after Muhammad do?

200 years of genocide of Iranians and the Zoroastrian faith before fully supplanting them after 2 centuries of bloodbaths.

A genocide of 80 million Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains in 800 years of imperial conquests in India. A short version about Islam’s holocaust of India can be read here.

Stop defending this hateful and barbaric belief system. Religious tolerance isn’t worth sacrificing Free Speech for. And, let’s face it, Islam is a patriarchal and hateful religion. I recommend listening to Ex-Muslims and especially Ex-Muslims of North America for a better picture on Islam’s hateful beliefs and how to combat Islam without bigotry.

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