Second Episode of the SJW Podcast

The US Gov’t and US Traditional News Media’s Complicity and Silence on crimes of unarmed Native American shootings and massive rape epidemic inflicted upon Native Americans by non-Native peoples.



The SJW Podcast: The Establishment’s Silence and Complicity in Violence upon Native Americans:

2 thoughts on “Second Episode of the SJW Podcast

  1. Look. I can understand that you are trying to communicate about something that you are passionate about. But this is just bad. Poorly done, I mean.

    I listened to this for 8 minutes. The first few minutes were talking about something that was not the subject of the podcast? Why place an addendum to another podcast in the podcast of another topic? Strange.

    Then, for the rest of the time, it was just and adverb/adjective salad, with no substantiating evidence given. Claims about how things were ‘horrible’ or ‘horrific’ or ‘very bad’, etc. But then no actual evidence or examples given. I mean, shit, when I stopped reading, you claimed that the laws for protecting native americans were ‘very weak.’ But then you provided no examples of what these laws where, or how they led to weak protection.

    Right? You can’t just make claims and then not back them up.

    Now, I will admit that I did stop listening before the end. But if the next 33 minutes were going to be the unsubstantiated rambling that the first 8 minutes were, I was going to loose my mind.

    If you have a point or facts, you need to bring them up earlier. What you have done is called ‘burying the lead.’

    Again, it seems clear that you are passionate about this, but if all you do is just ramble on for 40 minutes, no one else is going to be swayed to your position. This is bad journalism at its finest.

    • Yeah, sorry about that. I’m still trying to work out the nervousness. I do go into substantial detail but I wanted to warn people about the depressing content to brace themselves beforehand. I guess it just made me look stupid. I apologize for that. Also to add, the description within the content page itself is full of the sources regarding the subject matter spoken of in the video.

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