Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Redundant bullcrap.

Evil Mastermind Enjin goes on yakking about some cruel happenstance in the past, Akina looks horrified and shocked, Enjin reveals new power, and somehow they manage to survive. The main heroine has tears over Akina then some crap about humans and youkai living together in peace is espoused.

Rinse and repeat forever.

Whatever charm the infamous fight scene had is left dry because of how boring everything else is. It’s mostly slice-of-life backstory with all the females having panty shots every five seconds or making sex references with their habits.

This anime is utterly boring outside of fight scenes. The characters aren’t deep, the scenery loses its charm after constant repetitions, and the plot feels like it’s going absolutely nowhere.

The most interesting part of the entire show was the accidental death of two kids from the Ogre girl trying to save them but that gets subverted as a result of boring, typical nonsense. Overall, an utterly disappointing anime.

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