I apologize for not getting into too many political topics as promised

I apologize. I read all of the articles that I put on Twitter but I can’t help but feel a sense of helplessness after reading most negative news. Part of it is due to allocating time for my books but I don’t feel that is really a good reason. I honestly feel very angry after reading about so many horrible things in the world and also, I realize that my opinions are pretty meaningless in the enormity of events. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel utterly helpless. I think a lot of atheists may feel this way too. Helpless because human apathy is truly the most awful, shameful thing to observe about the world.

Part of my disgust with certain groups of people is their utter apathy and ignorance of anything that doesn’t happen in their own small towns. The small town becomes the “world” to them and events on the news are just soundbites, white noise, and trivialities. Celebrity culture is more important than taxpayer funded drone bombings that result in the deaths of school children in a third world country. Thinking about these real life issues is “negative” so we try to focus on “good” things like small towns helping alleviate poverty or what the next young preteen celebrity is doing to embarrass themselves. I am so sick of human ignorance but it’s ubiquitous and even I have it. What is the point?

Speaking of which, these thoughts make me disgusted with socialism all the more. For example, I use to read Chris Hedges thoroughly but I’ve come to be disgusted by what he has become. But that’s a blog for another time. I’m going to try to do more with writing about political and social issues across the world and in the US. So expect some of my insights, I hope you enjoy reading them.

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