Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F (Spoilers for the film)

By far, one of the most pleasurable films to watch this year; the story moves into different segments and seems to skip just the right parts to keep a coherent flow. While Frieza’s surpassing of Super Saiyan 3 seems ridiculous, the film does a wonderful job of belittling his faults and the faults of Goku and Vegeta.

The explanations for why Frieza’s forces have weakened and why Goten and Trunks aren’t around seem pretty fair. I’m not sure why Master Roshi gained a spotlight but it’s probably because he’s a staple of the series. The fights against the minions seemed interesting enough.

The first phase of the Frieza versus Goku fight seemed lacking, but the transformation and then epic fight between Full-powered Super Saiyan God (I refuse to write the official – AWFUL – name) and Golden Frieza was pretty good and made-up for the sluggishness of the first part. Whis and Beerus’s comic relief seemed out of place but I suspect that Toriyama is subtly building a third and possibly fourth movie in which the real reasons for training Goku and Vegeta are revealed. Anyway, Goku’s near-death was actually well-done and Frieza’s enraged state after losing to Vegeta and then totally destroying the planet in a fit of jealous rage seemed fitting. Overall, Frieza’s interactions and then death seemed like an appropriate tribute to a great – possibly greatest – Dragonball villain. He’s certainly my favorite.

Overall, I would rank this film as an 8/10. Definitely worth watching and I will be getting the blu-ray dvd once it is released. An instant classic. The extra scene at the end of the credits was a nice touch by Toriyama and the film production team.

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