To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

The film, from my perspective, attempts to depict Southern values from two characters. Atticus, the gary stu of the South, and Bob Ewell, the rapist and attempted murderer. I felt that the film focused far too much on Jem when it was suppose to be Jean Louise/Scout that was to be the focal perspective of the whole film. The narration just didn’t make any sense compared to what was happening since she wasn’t in the events of the film – particularly annoying since she was present for those events in the book. The book was so much better – more characterization, more details on Atticus’s human flaws, more of a deeper perspective on Jean Louise, and a thematic explanation regarding why Tom Robinson and Boo Radley were too good for the world.

The trial was watered down from the book; they tried to depict the most emotional moments but I think it lost some of its impact. Atticus’s ability to shoot being a sign of “manliness” only further solidified the sexism already present in the film since they didn’t even bother giving Jean Louise any real role in the film beyond being her impulsive brother’s sidekick. It was a real disappointment since such a great character was so thoroughly ignored.

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