Younger Americans have little issue with interracial marriage

Interestingly enough, this could be a significant factor regarding why “Black Lives Matter” has become a social movement through online campaigns around the United States. Younger Americans, especially the college educated, are far more accepting of interracial marriage than their parents generation.

That may not seem important at first glance but it has significant effects on how we evaluate the people around us in our daily lives and what we stand for as a country.

Interracial marriage is a defining moment because less people evaluate people of other skin colors as “Them” and people of their own skin color as “Us” in society. That may seem like a ridiculous explanation but the “Us Versus Them” mentality was pervasive for most of the US’s history regarding relations of people with different skin pigmentations. The older generations see melanin count as a more significant division than their children. Meanwhile, the younger generation is largely ready to just move on from divisions of skin pigmentation.

The Last Test: Younger Americans breaking the last “race” barrier

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