Introducing Myself and the Purpose of My Blog!

I have begun my journey into the wondrous world of Internet blogging and multimedia sharing! Now to explain what I will be blogging about and why. Hopefully, you’ll find my content interesting enough to follow me.

I’ve been ambivalent about blogging for several years for a few reasons:

1.) I’m afraid that the content I submit will be of no interest to anyone:

I’ve created this blog to try to prove myself wrong. This blog is partly an attempt by me to fight my own doubts. The overall objective of this blog is more open than others that I’ve seen. I’m sure there will be people who don’t like this format and that’s fine. Blogging can cause division simply due to matters of taste.

2.) Despite holding a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, I use to have this bizarre fear that other people should simply know better than me:

Hateful internet comments are only going to worsen that. It took a few rather low-key jobs to make me accept that I really do know more in the field of Political Science than the average citizen. I knew it intellectually after getting my degree but I had to see it viscerally to truly accept it. In the past, joining internet forums, IRC chat forums, and a few vlogging communities only seemed to result in angry comments and disapproval. The fact is the internet can show the ugly side of humanity, but that has become a given.

3.) Paradoxically, I’m afraid the political content that I will be writing could become controversial and have a negative impact on my personal life:

The unfortunate reality is people that we know can and do look into our blog posts. We make it easy by sharing pictures of ourselves online. For example, an employer could easily track a blogger down and fire them for the content on their blog simply because they don’t agree with it. Despite the idealistic presumptions about Freedom of Speech in the United States, people have been fired for writing material that they’ve posted on their blogs. As such, I’d rather not be among their number. This position should not be taken as a stance to write hate speech of any sort. I just don’t want to put myself in great personal and financial risk. I freely admit that this stance is cowardly. I do have some elitist opinions regarding the economic welfare of human societies that I’m sure the majority of people won’t agree with them. I’d rather not risk earning the ire of people that I know personally.

As such, I’ve decided to create blog entries but I will not be sharing my personal info and especially not my appearance. If you’re interested in any of my articles in this blog then feel free to share them. In the end, isn’t the content of the article the most important part to a reader? After all, I’m sure all of us can think back on reading wonderful articles by people that we never personally knew. Moreover, even if we did know who they are, would it even matter? Most people don’t personally visit the famous internet celebrities that they know. That may seem insulting but it is an overwhelmingly true fact about the majority of fans of any subject matter. That being said, If I ever do become famous, which is unlikely for obvious reasons, then someday in the future everyone will know me.

The Purpose of this Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to create content that engages people interested in politics, philosophy, psychology, economics, science, and examining deeper meanings in content that we already enjoy such as video games and film.

To speak frankly, I’ve noticed an odd disconnect in American society. For all the lauding of “freedom of speech”, people seem to be more afraid than ever in sharing their opinion about virtually anything to do with American culture because of the fear that it’ll become “too political” and start vicious arguments in real life. I don’t mean that in the context of people fearing negative publicity; I mean within our own social groups, classrooms, and sometimes our friends. Paradoxically, I’ve noticed some rather racist and dehumanizing opinions regarding minorities or political parties within most comment sections in popular news websites or within internet forums.

I hope that, if nothing else, this blog assists as a building block for people to find greater insight in any of these topics and to possibly encourage them to look into the other topics that I’ll be putting in this blog. I wish to encourage people to form opinions based on concrete statistical analysis and expert opinions. It is important to realize that it’s not shameful to learn from experts; even the experts that we don’t like. They have the most credible information regarding their field of expertise. I intend to share reading material, my perspective, and weblinks to mostly expert opinions and perspectives on these broad topics. For the broader social issues that I care about, I will try to write an in-depth piece on my examinations and perspectives regarding contentious political issues or famous people of significance regarding such issues.

However, I don’t want it to always be serious so I’ll be sharing my examinations and perspectives on books, films, and video games that I have strong opinions on. I enjoy looking into themes in video games and I’d like to do more of an analysis on themes because, contrary to popular opinion, fans aren’t always over-analyzing video games, they’re delving into the history to ascertain why we hold specific games in such high regard. What matters is the credibility of the source.

I would like to take this moment to thank Ira Glass for his inspiring and analytical words on content creation. I share this only in the hopes that it’ll inspire others as it did me, I am not affiliated with this youtube studio:

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    • That’s good to hear. I will be getting into highly politicized topics though because that’s what my interests are. Thank you for commenting and for trying to alleviate my fears.


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