All Finished with Six Full Playthroughs of Nocturne HD Remaster! I 100% the Trophies too! :)

I’ve finally completed the Yosuga route, it even glitched on me after beating Yosuga the first time where it didn’t run the ending scene. I had a hunch and replayed it and found it went through the second time. I think whomever implemented the trophy obtainment icons didn’t do a good job, because it seems it pauses the actual scene and in the case of Yosuga, it didn’t allow the final scene to play through. I tried making alternate builds, but the high level party members with pierce made that moot. I had initially intended to do another full TDE playthrough and acquire Dante, but I’ve already beaten the TDE route twice on hard mode in the PS2 version. All together, I’ve beaten 10 full playthroughs of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, if you don’t count alternate save files since around 2009. So, Shijima, TDE, TDE, Musubi and Yosuga in both alternate save files of TDE. And then, with the HD Remaster on the PS4, here are the playthroughs and a short description of what I intended for each:

1st PS4 Playthrough on Hard: TDE with 100 percent complete of Raidou version and Maxed out Demi-fiend:

Name: Naoki Kashima

Nickname: Hitoshura

Endgame Play Style: Phys Build (Pierce)

Version: Raidou Style

Playthrough: TDE + Vizor Quests for extra press-turn. Remember the victory message has to all be red.

English VA

2nd PS4 PlaythroughShijima

Name: Shin Managi

Nickname: Demi-Fiend

Play Style: Death Build

Version: Raidou Style

Playthrough: Hikawa’s Shijima for Free Samael.

Japanese VA

3rd PS4 Playthrough, Human Freedom:

Name: Ashu Spitama

Nickname: Zoroaster

Play Style: Luck Build (All Stats on Luck)

Version: Raidou Style

Playthrough: Yuko Takao’s Human “Freedom” Route.

Japanese VA

4th PS4 Playthrough, Normal Demon

Name: Vohu Manah

Nickname: Saoyshant or “Saoshant” if too long

Play Style: Stat Build (Increase / Decrease Attack and Defense) and Boost + Element attack

Version: Dante Style

Playthrough: Normal Demon Ending

English VA

5th PS4 Playthrough, Musubi / Best Boy Isamu route:

Name: Jarin Magatsu or Ahura Mazda

Nickname: Arius

Play Style: Impervious Build (Void / Drain / Repel when applicable)

Version: Dante Style

Playthrough: Isamu’s Musubi Route.

English VA

6th PS4 Playthrough, Best Girl Chiaki / Yosuga path:

Name: Naoki Nishikata

Nickname: Nishikata

Renamed: Chiaki Tachibana into Chiaki Takagi

Play Style: Stat / Healing Build

Version: Dante Style

Playthrough: Chiaki’s Yosuga, but get all the way to Fifth Kalpa to get Dante and kill Metatron.

English VA

It took a bit more time than I intended and I had played other games between playthroughs to reduce the potential risk of boredom. Now that I’ve finished it all, I intend to write the remaining thematic analyses so I hope people look forward to that. I don’t have a definite timeframe when they’ll be done though. If anyone wishes to watch them, hope you enjoy. Anyway, all done! 🙂

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