Wilderness (2023 TV Series): The Zenith of Western Barbarianism distilled in its purest form

By far, the most exquisite artform of depicting the barbarian culture of the Western world combining the actors from the brutal colonizing nation-state that makes Genghis Khan look like a cute kitten in the amount of deliberate rapes, murders, and genocides that a barbarian civilization can conduct upon the world. For even Nietzsche in his genius admitted that the British were among the most barbarian cultures ever to be witnessed upon earth. Who else but the British barbarians could perfect such an immoral and horrifying story?

The character of Olivia Taylor exemplifies the brutish, thuggish barbarism of British culture imposing itself upon the savages of the US as Western barbarism is cannibalized by a more puritanical Western barbarism. Played to dazzling effect by Jenna Coleman. I am at awe that more viewers do not see what the showrunners eloquently depicted. I’m duly perplexed by the bizarre arguments that the character of Olivia Taylor is meant to be seen as a “positive” to the viewers. She is mentally unwell due to the fixation on not being like her mother and the trauma from her mother’s emotional abuse. She repeatedly strong-arms her husband and her husband tries to always manipulate her. She makes bad decisions like staying with her unfaithful husband who repeatedly demonstrates his untrustworthiness to impulsive actions like destroying her own personal items in fits of rage. I don’t understand how anyone could have thought this character was suppose to be anything other than a villain protagonist unless they drank the anti-woke kool-aid to the point they confused the very good writing of her displaying her instability, impulsiveness, and manipulative nature as being confused by viewers for “strong female character” when it is clearly not the case. A few woke lines by side characters in the beginning and to fact-check: besides the genocidal levels of discrimination against Native Americans in the US, the US public – Republican and Democrat – is actually highly supportive of racial diversity to greater degrees than the UK and you can check Pew Research to fact-check this claim, if you need.

Olivia repeatedly makes the wrong choices and exemplifies Christian virtues, as shown in Episode 4, whereby we see a holy angel in the form of a pedophile priest of Catholicism speak of “intent” to murder — the very bedrock justifications for British Imperialism and mass genocides of Ireland, India, and Tasmania distilled in its nascent form! As per St. Augustine’s declaration in the Christian Just War Theory: “Violence and its consequences are ethically neutral, not evil.” and “Christ is concerned with the political order of man.” thereby, Olivia “murdering” someone isn’t wrong per Christian theology because she didn’t INTEND to kill that specific person and instead her intent was to murder someone else. And since Christ is concerned with the political order of man, all Olivia really did was send the other person to heaven. They’re with Jesus Christ now, so is this not the ultimate good moral act by Olivia? Did she not send this person to their Father in Heaven per Christian theology and morality? Who among you can question the will of Jesus Christ and label Olivia arrogant or evil for following her God’s will? Thus, she represents the most barbaric of barbarian cultures by forgiving herself by believing Jesus Christ forgives her of her sins.

She is a brutal British barbarian who has committed murder; just as her forebears slaughtered, raped, pillaged, and genocided prior to her. Likewise, she believes Jesus Christ forgives her for her sins just as her forebears did. She cannot help her cultural brainwashing to exert her distilled barbarian ways on the slightly lesser barbarian culture of the US. It is perfectly exemplified by the fact Will’s defense for an argument in the latter portion of the series is about his nationalist proclivities and Olivia’s adherence to that viewpoint in public. It is perfectly encapsulated by the title of this very series: “Wilderness” to exemplify the Western barbarian ways of Olivia.

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