How Discord and Reddit Protect Abusers and Pedophiles while pretending to have workable community guidelines

So, I have been the target of an image that I found to be a sign of harassment on Discord, so I went to report it on Discord’s community request form, and found that to be impossible. I could not report the image because the harassers were the moderating staff who had banned me when I mentioned my disagreement with the image. Upon going to Discord Help, I could not submit anything because the submission required the link to the harassing comment and I was banned from the server. When requesting aid to obtain the image, former pals were unwilling. I sent the image to the other category, and was promptly rejected by Discord requesting that I send it to the harassment category, despite the fact my very message stated I wasn’t able to use that function because I couldn’t get to the server with the harassing message to link it onto the Discord harassment submission form. Thereby, Discord categorically allows harassment.

Reddit? Same thing. When opining on objections to racism against Native Americans, I found my posts promptly banned from r/protectandserve, r/news, r/law (despite it being a specific legal issue), and I had no way of knowing which mods did it and when banned from their subreddits for their racist proclivities (especially in the case of r/news); the reddit form to submit harassment complaints required specific names while they keep their mods hidden when not part of the subreddit. So when I rejoined the subreddit for r/news to find the list of mod names to submit for racism, the reddit form, which only allows ONE mod per time, rejected my submissions after sending each mod, because I had no way of knowing which mod banned me for posting news about Native American human rights issues.

Now, this actually does have consequences and does shield abusers including real life sex traffickers. No, I am not joking, Twitter users recently found proof that a high-profile Reddit user who paid for their top account access was in fact the lover of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghrislaine Maxwell:

Social media literally protects child sex traffickers until the law reveals who they are.

5/8/23 Update: For those who would like to believe in a more just world and that this was just an unlucky coincidence, here’s the ex-CEO of Reddit herself, Ellen K. Pao, confessing to knowing about the pedophile rings and child sex trafficking that Maxwell did and then trying to “back out” of the confession with a measly equivocation:

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