Donated $500 to Mending the Sacred Hoop

Reasons why I donate:

I feel such depression and despair every day, because I think about how minimal my contributions are while Indigenous people continue to experience sexual violence due to the institutional genocidal Supreme Court decision of Oliphant vs Suquamish of 1978. I am extremely upset with the US government for allowing such an asinine decision, to put it mildly. The violence and deaths that one Supreme Court decision can bring to so many innocent lives born after that court decision is just so horrific to think about. If that Supreme Court decision isn’t recognized as genocide, then there is no justice in this world. Because it fundamentally means that historic victims of 600 years worth of genocide and colonization will never be given equal rights in their own homeland and the US public doesn’t care.

A link to their “About Us” Page: 

And information about their reward fund program to help solve missing and murdered indigenous people’s cases in Minnesota: 

I’ve donated before, I did so again today, and I will probably do so in the future once I save-up enough discretionary income again.

For More Resources and Contemporary Information:

Webinar on violence against Indigenous women in the US and Canada by NIWRC.

The most accurate report by The Guardian on the conditions and reasons why rape epidemics against Native American people continue to occur:

The new, updated Amnesty International Report, free to download as a PDF. They’re disgusted that their report in 2007 didn’t make any significant policy changes to stop this ongoing rape epidemic in the US:

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