Kotaku Prevents Free Discussion on Kickstarter’s Pro-fascistic Censorship move

Update: Evidently, they eventually did allow my comment through.

The Article in question:


My comment which is still “pending approval” a.k.a. “we don’t want the opinions of anyone who disagrees with us” which is unlikely to be posted:

I think the comments here show a pathetic amount of unquestioned pro-fascism and pro-censorship viewpoints while pretending to be protecting the rights of marginalized groups. The logic behind shutting down this Kickstarter project is no different than accusing people of crimes that they’re innocent of and have never committed. Accusing them of suspicious intent is ridiculous. Who on earth can “prove” a good faith claim in this instance? This logic is no different than condemning them as guilty and demanding they prove their innocence, and then arrogantly proclaiming it is “safer” for nameless, faceless “minorities” that these people be censored from wanting to pursue an adult hobby when they haven’t committed a crime or made any commentary supporting any sort of abuse on anyone. This is absurd.

And, matter of fact, for what reason are people castigating the indie developers for wanting to support an adult porn project with fantasy, nude women? The underlying assumption is that nobody who is “serious” could support such a “childish” endeavor while the article plays out some sort of pathetic double-speak implying they support people having private kinks when they obviously do not since the article supports the censorship. What is the takeaway here? Why the implication that nobody who is a serious person could support them and the spurious accusations that require them to be judged guilty to prove their innocence?

It seems to me that this pathetic article heavily implies the cultural standard of Christian Conservatism and forcefully advocates that anyone not comporting to this Christian Conservative standard isn’t being a serious person. Meanwhile, this very same moral basis perniciously being advocated has been and continues to cause the actual rape of children in every single civilization and society in which the narcissistic, pedophilic teachings of Jesus Christ have been imposed upon the world. In fact, even in areas where Christians are a minority, they’re more likely to commit child rape compared to other religious groups. The doctrine of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness causes child rape since Jesus Christ forgiving all sins means Jesus Christ forgives child rape. Yet, that very serious issue which is caused by Christian moral values is ignored despite numerous news reports from the early 2000s onwards and that moral basis that promotes child rape is being stealthily utilized and promoted to support censorship of fictional adult women’s bodies.

Where are your standards?

Apologetics for the Seal of Confession despite it protecting child rapists in the Catholic Church:


What Happens if Sacramental Confession Ceases to be Secret?

Timeline of Catholic Church Abuses from 2000s – 2010s known Discoveries:


Timeline of 2018 Discoveries:


1950s Child Kidnapping rings in Ireland while stealing from the hard work of single mothers whom they terrorized into giving up their children:


UK Birmingham Archdiocese permissive attitude towards pedophile priests:


2 of UK’s leading Catholic Schools have culture of acceptance of sexual abuse of children:


German Catholic Churches cover-up of Child Rape Crimes:


7 Percent of Australia’s Catholic Priests accused of sexually abusing children:


Chilean child rape scandal by Catholic Church:



Dutch Catholic Church’s widespread cover-up of child rape and abuse for over 65 years:



Endemic rape and abuse of children in Catholic Church care within Ireland:


Rape Crimes in Catholic Orphanages in Ireland:


Children of Catholic Priests begin speaking out:



Child Rape of Deaf and Mute Boys in Catholic Church run Deaf and Mute School:


Catholic Bishop raped Nun 13 times in India and then the Catholic Church ordered the Nun who initially spoke out to be silent:




Physical and Sexual abuse of Native American children at Catholic Residential schools in Canada:


US Catholic Church cases of the Rape and Abuse of children:

200 Deaf Boys raped in Wisconsin by Milwaukee Archdiocese:


Montana’s Native American Reservations were “dumping grounds” for pedophile priests:


Texas child abuse by pedophile Catholic Priests:


West Virginia Lawsuit over pedophile Catholic Priests:


Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report on Pedophile Priests:


Rape and abuse of children in Minnesota by Catholic Nuns:


Sexual violence against children in Catholic schools in New Jersey:


Vermont Child Abuse at St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage:


What happened in Native American Boarding Schools:


Bill Donohue, President of Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights, trivializes Catholic Churches sprees of Child Rape and Molestation:


Actions by the Catholic Church or exposure of new abuse cases in Chronological Order from 2017 onward:

2017: Pope Francis Quietly Trimmed Sanctions on Child Rapists: https://apnews.com/64e1fc2312764a24bf1b2d6ec3bf4caf

2017: Pope condemns gender re-assignment surgery of Trans people:


July 6th, 2018: Catholic Child Kidnapping rings now relocated to India under Mother Teresa’s Missionaries for Charity: https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/rot-has-set-into-missionaries-of-charity-after-mother-teresas-death-activist/313161

July 27th, 2018: Rape culture in the Catholic Churches across the world, Priests found to have sexually abused Nuns, and Priests cajoled Nuns into getting abortions:


August 2018:

Catholic Church paid out nearly $4 billion of its donated money over allegations of child rape and other abuses by pedophile priests:


Australia Catholic Church Rejected Calls for Priests to report Child Rapists to go to the police due to the Seal of Confession as part of their faith in Jesus Christ:


November 2018: Vatican used their authority to stop US bishops from voting on reforms for Catholic Churches in the US:


December 2018, Pope Francis makes a speech about how Clerics should hand themselves in, but no steps for reform are made:


January 2019: 64 Syracuse area clergy abuse victims among 981 NYers to get paid by Catholic church


February 2019, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx admits that documents pertaining to child rape and other forms of child abuse by Catholic clergy were destroyed, tampered with, or never made:


March 2019: Catholic Church sweeps claims of Nuns sexually abusing young girls under the rug unless there are credible claims. Hundreds of Nuns convicted of credible claims with many suspecting it is just the tip of the iceberg:


April 2019: Nuns credibly accused of molestation of children were protected, moved, and had no public record made after quiet settlements by the Catholic Church and help groups now being made to help those who were abused by Catholic Nuns:


June 2019: Catholic Church spent $10 million on lobbyists to prevent victims of child rape and other sexual abuses to sue the Catholic Church by reforming the Statue of Limitations in the US:


Sept 2019: Research indicates that Catholic Church was raping kids prior to the Vatican II summit. It contradicts the claim that sexual revolution of the West in the 1960s was the cause of pedophilia in the Catholic Church:


October 2019: Report finds that approximately 1700 Catholic clergy members credibly accused of child rape remain near children in unsupervised roles in the US:


November 2019: Convicted Child Molester in Belgian given flight travel and access to child refugees in Africa, a safe flight to India to visit the Taj Mahal where he took selfies, makes him country-wide director of Caritas International in the Central African Republic, and he gets away with raping kids living in refugee camps in Africa thanks to the Catholic Church. In response to the scandal, the Salesian Order of the Catholic Church put him in a residence that has a school on campus in Belgian:


December 2019: For decades in a California school, it is revealed that Catholic priests targeted, repeatedly raped, and tortured underprivileged white kids and threatened their parents jobs by saying they would fire the parents working for the Catholic schools of the Salesian Order, if the kids told anyone of what was happening to them:


March 2020: The Catholic Church allowed more than 50 U.S.-based clergy to move abroad after facing credible accusations of sexual abuse. Some continued to work with children:


July 2020: Catholic Church lobbied for US taxpayer funds and got between $1.4 billion and 3.5 billion due to COVID-19 pandemic relief. This was reportedly alongside other religious institutions:


Nov 2020: Catholic Church in England and Wales, UK found to have swept credible accusations of child rape under the rug to protect pedophile Catholic priests:


Feb 2021: Scandal reveals German Nuns sold Orphan children to sexual predators forcing them into gangbangs and other horrors. The Catholic Church did a last-minute shut down of the full report being unveiled to the public:



March 2nd, 2021: French Catholic clergy may have abused at least 10,000 people since 1950, say investigators:


March 15th, 2021: Catholic Church forbids Same-sex marriages and calls it sinful:


March 28th, 2021: Catholic Church lobbied against suicide prevention of LGBT:


April 7th, 2021: Around 2,801 people file lawsuits against the Catholic Church from August 13 2019 – December 31, 2020 for child rape they endured in the past in Syracuse, NY. Dates of incidents go as far back as 1942. This was after the Child’s Victim Act was passed in NY State. More cases are expected to come:

Catholic Church Faces Wave Of Sex Abuse Cases Across State

May 11th, 2021: Hundreds of new cases being reported in the California Bay Area due to California reforming laws for victims to sue Catholic Church, allowing a 3-year window:


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