Astell&Kern SR25 Is The Most Infuriating Piece of Crap

I bought this stupid piece of garbage about a year and six months ago; it has been nothing but headaches and annoyances. I absolutely hate everything about this garbage software’s interface. Any moron telling you that the interface is better than the ipod needs their head checked or they are an outright liar. I have never been so, sooo infuriated with a product as much as this piece of garbage. I keep putting my music from my laptop or flash drive into this stupid thing and when it isn’t collapsing every 5 minutes because it can’t handle downloading too many songs, it doesn’t download the songs in their completed forms so it has ripping noises that hurt my ears. When that isn’t happening, even if the music is fully downloaded, evidently downloading new music will cut chunks of the old software that you bought. The textboxes are too small to type correctly most of the time and when changing screens, it always resets to the default top location without the ability to either scroll faster or to change the settings so the screen you were last in. In other words, I have to keep scrolling down my artist list any time I click off of it from the top screen instead of this worthless junk product allowing the user to have the previous place that you left at as the default. This thing is a piece of garbage.

If you’re a moron, please buy this product. If you don’t want to waste your money, never touch an Astell&Kern product and if you value your money, do not ever listen to anyone telling you that this glorified paper weight is a good product. I fucking hate Youtube for getting rid of downvotes, because now I cannot tell what product reviews to trust; I fucking hate Amazon for increasing the positive ratio of their products because now I can’t trust their reviews either. I will not be using either website ever again when attempting to make informed purchasing decisions. I cannot stand this state of stupid affairs or how two of the largest companies in the US were dumb enough to ruin their reputations in such a juvenile and absolutely stupid way. I am just infuriated that I can’t find a valid means to make decent purchasing decisions anymore because every customer review or video “analysis” is now a worthless fucking lie.

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