Fuck Sony, Fuck PlayStation: The Idiotic PlayStation QR Code Foibles

For Fellow PS3 and Vita owners: I’m not sure how this anecdotal experience of mine will reflect or be of help to others, but I finally got past the stupid QR code bullshit now required for both my Vita and PlayStation 3 by making sure to use the upper-case character once instead of putting it in the upper-case bar indefinitely to put the code for both my two PS3s and Vita. In other words, the system Sony designed is so fucking incompetent, you have to toggle the upper-case button for every letter when putting the code in. I had to redo it 3 times and if you found yourself in a similar situation, that was likely why.

For anyone who works at Sony: I fucking hate you or the company you work for. I hope you go bankrupt or lose your job and I do not ever intend to purchase another console from you for as long as I live because of your stupid fucking digital policies that you repeatedly impose upon your customers along with your retarded censorship policies. I hope Valve, Microsoft, Nintendo, or whomever else beat you in the console wars just as you lost the digital boom of the early 2000s to your far more competent and intelligent competitors. Fuck you Sony, Fuck you, Fuck you. You have no idea the depths of my loathing for you after the awful experience that was the PS3 era from your sheer incompetence with delivery of games on time, your stupid install / download program that feels like excessively long wait times to play games even when the auto-update feature is off, and to your stupid internet fiascos from the hack that lost so much player data during the ps3 era because you incompetently put in an anti-virus software that literally caused your console to become more hackable by hacking vultures to your stupid time-zone era issue. To top it all off, your anti-Free Speech pro-Censorship bullshit which cinched it for me.  #PCForLife #FuckYouSony

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